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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Did Obama FBI Botch 'Moron-Joran' VanderSloot Surveillance Thus Allowing Peruvian Murder?

They apparently did, as he was under surveillance by the FBI in cooperation with Aruba authorities in the Holloway extortion case just reported yesterday, where this human sack was extorting $250 thou from Natalee's mom in exchange for info on 'where and how' he murdered her and then disposed of her body, whom we already knew him and his thankfully dead father killed.

So the FBI gets involved, wires him some money, and then sets up an "Abcsam" with some cash in a taped exchange with VanderSloot. Then after the "bust" per se, they freaking let him 'walk' in order to follow him some more I guess.

Well, the result is that Joran 'Bond' eludes the surveillance, goes to Peru with the money they literally handed to him and then kills this poor girl in between poker hands. What a life this slime was living, as he's the kind of people who are 'supposed to' get hit by lightening and hardly ever do, ya know?

They're all over our government at the moment as well.

I guess it's more Obama administration bumbling, although in all fairness, Bush wasn't able to pressure Aruba to hang Vandersloot back here either, so at least they have the slug now in Peru who they say in this clip with Bo Deitl and Greta we'll extradite him from Aruba for the extortion and wire fraud eventually..

He'll be popular in prison on shower nights every other week I would imagine, committing suicide eventually as this kid is a coward.


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  1. InAnd AroundGarfieldRidgeFriday, June 04, 2010

    After one night in jail his name will be Vander POO . What an ahole for putting this famiyl through this and now the family of another. Kinda makes you wonder if there are others, others that had no one to report them missing could be dead out there. I pray my children never cross this type of evil.

  2. You're right Wifey, and he's a hallmark serial killer as he's good at it. Natalee was the 3rd I'll bet we'll hear. He knew what and how to do it. Few pull that stuff off, he reminds me of Peterson, this Peterson, drew that's it. I can't remember  the other ....Scott that's it..(had to get them wheels churnin..lol) All three are scum.


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