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Friday, June 4, 2010

Helen "Goebbles" Thomas tells "Jews to go back to Germany" Savage Savages Thomas Audio

UPDATED SAT AM (that is after all the State Run Media Propaganda people stationed in the Obama white house have bailed for the weekend to party like 1999 like they do most every weekend.)
Helen Thomas Apologizes for Saying Jews Should 'Get the Hell Out of Palestine'
Liberal apologies shouldn't count for 'shit' anymore, since they've burned about 20 million of 'em in these first 6 months of 2010 alone, ya think?

I mean, "Jeez".....it's like a daily occurrence now with the people of Hollywood, Pro Sports, Politicians, strippers, this celebrity, that musician, just about everyone aside from us out here seems to get about '9000 lives to burn' , yet we barely get 'one' nowadays out here in the real world.

One big mistake, misstep or illness and most of us out here are done, for a decade at least.

Don't know about you , but this cat's been there, done that, twice now in 45.

But not if your part of that 'same old shit, different party 'Club of Elites' ' however.

These people think they can, and usually do, get away with just about anything nowadays, as it seems all they have to do is call up their publicists, who whip out that ol' Blackberry and speed dial ABC, NBC, SEE BS, who gladly bring the camera crews over to the " 200 million dollar 5 home compound" for a quick 'cry' for a couple minutes.

Next thing you know they're 'whizzing and dumping out' some 'half baked' apology, calong with some carefully placed tears, cry some more before Barbara or whoever's on the 'assignment' call's it 'a wrap' and it's a done deal.

It's then off to Inside Edition, ET, Hollywood tonight, NBC Nightly News, boing boing boing .....and VOILA.....Forgiven..!!

It's 'Back to the party', where it's then 'where's the coke, the chick's and where's those wheelbarrow's of cash'?

Can someone tell me "at what point do these 'crocodile tear apologies' actually become worthless", just like our Banana Republic 'printed at will' currency??

Like the day before yesterday perhaps.

Apology or not, this woman's usefulness in the media has run it's course, like starting back in 1969 forward.

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What an ignorant, hate filled, senile witch.She's the perfect example of everything wrong with America wrapped up in one, pretty ugly,
nasty assed, Jew hating, Muslim loving package, she's a fine Dhimmi...

Helen Thomas: "Obama’s Not A Liberal, I Am – As Far Left As You Can Go"
"Tell em to get the hell outta Palestine...."

These audio clips are great listening as he rips on Thomas, Obama, Hamas, La Raza, the American Jews for buying into this "Obama Muslim con job" his words..

as you click the arrow a stip will appear, click playlist on the top right of the thing, and you can hear them one by one or just click each arrow ;) Listen from the bottom up if you do/

Click arrow for rant on American Jews
Click arrow for Obama Palestine
Click arrow for Thomas rant
Click arrow for Obama Usurper


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  1. The solution the left has is the extermination of all the Jews in the world.  A solution they are already in the process of doing.

  2. If they get their way it may well be 'the final solution'. I can't believe these leftists don't even understand they're the NeoMarxist Fascists in this country, do they not even know enough to read the definition of that either?

    Maybe all college degrees handed out in the past 15 years should be re examined since they keep turning out almost nothing but Marxist indoctrinated useful idiots?

  3. If only I spelled the headline right  :(   oops.. Fixed.

  4. She is a devilish, mean, old witch. She is the epitome of Leftist hatred and anti-semitism.

  5. Sad thing is there's like 50 million just like her, maybe not as ugly on the outside but certainly on the inside. :(

  6. maggiesnotebookFriday, June 04, 2010

    That photo is a classic and is an accurate likeness of her evil persona. I left this on your other blog, I really think giving a front row seat in the White House press room defiles the White House and the press (altho, basically she mirrors most of the msm).

  7. maggiesnotebookFriday, June 04, 2010

    The headline looks perfect to me.

  8. I fixed it. I had Goebbels with an apostrophe like this Goebbel's :(


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