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Friday, June 11, 2010

Blackhawks HappyHour Pub Crawl, 400K Chicagoans At Parade Today.....pics

A break from the daily drumbeat of sadness and often times misery usually emanating out of this often greatest of cities which has fallen down of late thanks to certain types of people in charge...but when it's on it's game there's no better place to be or people to be with.

Victory angel
(Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune / June 11, 2010)
Ann Mahalek, of Arlington Heights, and her daughter Abby Mahalek, 4 make an "angel," playing amid the confetti in the wake of the Chicago Blackhawks victory parade at East Washington Street and
Wabash Avenue.

But, when it 'blows' it 'blows' with the best of them as losing the Olympics to a third world hellhole attests.

There are city estimates from the Offices of Emergency Management that over 2 million people showed up for this parade turned 'massive block party', basically shutting down the loop today. I wish I would have went. It's like the Chicago parade scene in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off', I kid you not....

I'm 1000% for law enforcement, but I could out run this cop with my hands tied behind my freaking back and I'm crippled !!

And for the very first time EVER I actually believe the crowd estimates, as I've been to every major Chicago event minus the 'Obama Puke fest' (he still hasn't reimbursed the city for) and I've never seen this many people, and not one incident of violence or trouble. Not a one.

That's what I like the most. ;)

Rotated and slight color correction to Image:H...

From the local NBC 5 affiliate comes this from Thursday as the team took Lord Stanley's Cup out for a little "Happy Hour" with the fans as their "CUP" Runneth over with love from the team and just about anything as loaded as most of these good folks were last night!

A lot has changed in Chicago in the 49 years since the Stanley Cup visited the Windy City, so what better way to get reacquainted than with a good ol' fashioned bar crawl?

Portions of Happy Hour were at Tavern on Rush, when Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp and about 10 other Blackhawks took the place by storm.

A crowd estimated to be in the hundreds gathered outside while the Hawks were packed in a roped-off area inside.

Center John Madden brought the Cup through the adoring crowd. Camera phones were firing as the Hawks poured beer in the Cup and drank from it. Source The Stanley Cup's Happy Hour | NBC Chicago

Click here for an NBC 5 Slideshow..they have a ton of them...

Here are some screenshots of the Hawks parade Friday morning I snapped when I saw it
turn into an impromptu parade where 300.000 fans followed the last bus containing players as you can see for the duration of the parade//

An awesome scene and sea of humanity I've never seen in this city...Unreal. Saying 300-400 thousand people who apparently all took off work today for this thing..It's on every single channel on local tv.

I sure would like to see this for our soldiers when they all return home eventually as well.

For those not in Chicago the parade consisted of about 15 double decker buses which contained each of their families, practically the entire organization and all the Legacy Hall of Famers who could make it had their own bus too.

2 million people gathered peacefully in the most violent city in the world, at least not for today thank the Lord for small miracles. And thank the Blackhawks meaning NO disrespect for the Lord. I'm sure this is what Jesus would be doing today anyhow were he with us. ;)


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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