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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thousands of Illegals head to AZ for Memorial Saturday immigration protest | Call toll free 'Illegal' Hotline @ 866-347-2423.

Selfish-assed bastards. If you skip the rant that's fine, but please don't miss the letter at the bottom and the video. Thanks.

Let the 'rant' begin:

They just cannot let "Real Americans" reflect for one freaking 'illegal alien free' Memorial day weekend without thinking about 'nothing but themselves' .......just like 'most' have done since 'breaking America's door down' stealing whatever they 'damn well' pleased for decades now.

Don't tell me 'they're such hard workers', I'm working right now just like I do the other 364 days of the year just like you are, maintaining your homes this weekend, or maintaining loved one's cemetery plots and all that while all the 'liberals and SEIU lunatic thugs' head to AZ to try and 'intimidate' the populace who's 69 % for kicking their 'illegal asses' right out of the country much less Arizona.

A protest march against Arizona's immigration law is scheduled for Saturday in Phoenix. Organizers expect more than 50,000 supporters from around the country.

Some are going to protest Senate Bill 1070, the illegal immigration law while others will be there to support it.

A group of more than 2,000 Southern California activists left Friday morning for the weekend demonstration against Arizona's controversial immigration law.

"People have been here in this country for many years, and all they want to do is adjust their status, so we need to address that issue," said protester Yenny Diaz.

They plan on taking everything they need including food and water so they don't spend any money in Arizona. These protestors also want the Obama administration to order immigration officials not to accept custody of illegal immigrants brought in under the new law.

Well isn't that swell news?

These people have no respect for what's made this country what it is and plan to march for their own benefit to the certain 'chagrin' of real Americans home somberly reflecting on all our dead relatives left in cold blood on foreign and domestic shores while they stomp around like babies who aren't getting their way from some bullshit promise Obama made to them

We didn't promise them a 'damn thing' so I guess Obama should have 'asked' before promising 20 million Mexican criminals we're just going to 'overlook' all the 'crimes' they've all committed since swimming the Rio Grande and 'reward them all' for their 'bad behavior' as Obama promised for 'their votes'.

Not on 'our' watch and we won't be 'cowed' into submission on this point EVER.

However, the media no doubt will 'scurry' like the 'cockroaches' they are to cover this with all kinds of 'zeal' and 'sympathy' never extended to the 'real victims' here, US.

This little letter down below this 'rant' was sent to me this morning for distribution, and here she is thanks to an Arizonian patriot, sick and tired of being 'held hostage' in their 'own homes' by illegals 'gone mad' who are now threatening America with mass protests and violence. as you can read for yourself.

I'll say this much: they better pray to their God we aren't forced to take to the streets to counter any violence from these people, because 'violence begets more violence', and nothing gets more violent that the 'enraged white man' as history has shown if these people ever bothered to read any of it since most haven't even 'read the damn bill' that's 'proudly' diplayed on this blog daily since readers here can actually 'read'.

" Don't enrage us, please! As you're all coming dangerously close to our collective breaking point!" And that, I can assure you all, will be the ugliest day you've ever encountered in your 'tax free service robbing' American vacation at our expense. The party IS OVER.

So some additional advice to these people is the invariable 'head for the border while you have a chance' warning, because people like myself will 'die' before we forfeit this country to a bunch of lawn care people, and 'amnesty' will 'only happen' over 'our dead cold bodies'.


I live in Arizona where they have just passed a very important bill to uphold federal law regarding illegal immigration.

The vast majority of folks support this bill and many states are following suit. But there are people who want to continue to flood
our country with illegals.

They support open borders leaving us vulnerable to crime and acts of terrorism. It's not just Mexican illegals crossing our borders, but many terrorists from other countries who have attempted to sneak in over the years and who knows how
many have gotten through.

The "open borders crowd" includes many government officials and the executive branch of the government. The want to continue to flood the country with illegals, give them amnesty and then let them vote. They do not care about our security, they just want the votes.

See the link below - people being bused in from other states - and think about this - people who have no right to be in this country in the first place demanding that we cave in to their demands. It is an outrage.


Please call the illegal alien hotline today. The toll free number is 866-347-2423. I called earlier today. You will go through some prompts but eventually get a person. I calmly and politely told the person that pro-illegal demonstrators were going to the state capital
and that there would be many illegals there.

I asked if someone from their organization (Homeland Security) was planning on going there to make arrests. (If Homeland Security and the government were doing its job, the problem would have been solved long ago.)

Illegal immigration has bankrupted many states and continues to do so. A third of our jail population consists of Mexican nationals here illegally.

Go right to the people responsible for making arrests and hold them accountable.


Email and call everyone you know to do the same. If you have a website or blog or are on any of the networks, like Facebook or Twitter, please post. If you can't get through today, keep trying and make several calls per week. Let the people entrusted with our safety
know we are holding them accountable.

It's Memorial Day and many of us want to kick back and have fun but remember that this day commemorates the many who have died for
this great country.

God Bless


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. InAnd AroundGarfieldRidgeSaturday, May 29, 2010

    Damn!  I think I shed a tear-great post!!!  It was damn good!!! You are right though-Memorial day should not be used in this way.

    Keep up the awesome work my bloggin friend!

  2. Hello Ray, I'm as mad about this as you.
    The way these scums hijack EVERY HOLIDAY and desecrate our hero's death.
    I can't stand these jerks!   Oh, I really have raised my blood pressure now.
    It's getting worse every day.

    I guess we have to try and not let them steal our joy.  Have a good weekend, regardless.
    Maybe a Hawks win tonight will help cheer us up.  If you're going, have a blast.

  3. Thanks ...although I'm sure you mean the lady's letter,   and I'm glad you guys read it. 

    "That be why I be posted it yo!" (that's my Obama Ebonics imitation there...I'll have to record it and post one of these rants in audio form my friends tell me"..)

    I really mean what I say about this stuff. It may not be the most eloquent but that's how I write.

    I could filter  this through "whitesmoke" like some of the folks blogging out there but I won't do that. I can write as fine as I want, I just do this to make points to hopefully the loons who are on the wrong side of history and the fence on every single issue.

    If I sat here doing nothing I'd probably shoot myself. This crap actually helped me walk again believe it or not.

    I get my anger out here in a hopefully 'readable' fashion instead of going out there and cracking skulls.

  4. Great rant!  And I like the point the letter writer makes about people with no right to be here marching down our streets.

    What Arizona should do:  Hand out free bus tickets to San Francisco and Los Angeles, since these are sanctuary cities.

  5. That's a damn good idea except this 'sump' in far too many corners is a Sanctuary Pit as well. That's why I'm bangin' away on the keyboard here. Hopefully these people don't start a war because it'll make the Alamo look like a picnic and they'll be running for the Mexican border like they're giving away lifetime passes to Taco bell except "really south of the border'

    Happy Memorial Day Soldier :'( and thanks for all you've done. 

    Men and women who think like me appreciate it <sir> </sir>  lol Kurt.


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