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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Race Baiting, Illegal Loving Congressman Gutiérrez daughter's sweet housing deal, Arriba!

Dont'cha wish us regular ol' hard working, tax paying, legal born and raised U.S. citizens could get all the nice, sweet condo deals it sounds like our favorite "LaRaza loving", American dissing Latino Congressman Luis Gutiérrez seems to be getting?

You know him, he's the one who got arrested over the weekend while being proven lately to care more about his illegal alien "fugitive from justice constituents"who are usurping all our wonderful services so they're not available for legal taxpaying Americans than he does about those people paying all those bills

So now it's time to show he's not quite the poor ol' immigrant  man of the people he claims to be.. and is just here to steal what he can get away with just like the "Gringo's" he obviously hates so much.

"Every time developers asked to build condominiums in his gentrifying 26th Ward, then-Ald. Billy Ocasio had the same answer:

Your project won't be approved unless it includes at least one 'affordable home.'

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez's daughter's affordable condo wasn't the only project approved by the 26th Ward Affordable Housing Committee. A look at other developments -- and why City Hall isn't happy about them.

One person who benefitted from Ocasio's directive: Omaira Figueroa, the daughter of U.S. Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, Ocasio's political mentor.

With a $140,000 loan from her parents, Figueroa bought her new two-bedroom, two-bathroom affordable condo in Humboldt Park in June 2008 for $155,000, property records show.

Little more than a year later, she sold it for $239,900 -- $84,900, or 55 percent, more than she'd paid.

Had Figueroa's condo been part of a typical affordable-housing program, that wouldn't have been possible. City of Chicago rules, for instance, now bar affordable-housing buyers from turning big profits when they resell. The rules also require that affordable homes remain affordable -- they can be sold only to buyers who meet income-eligibility guidelines.

Figueroa, though, bought her home through a 26th Ward 'community' initiative that 'wasn't an official government program,' according to Ocasio, who resigned his aldermanic seat last year to take a $125,000-a-year post as a senior adviser to Gov. Quinn.

Ocasio estimated that about 180 affordable condos were supposed to have been created under that program. But it's unclear how many ended up being built and how many have been resold, in part because the program is defunct.

Figueroa, her husband, their son and her husband's two other children now live on the Northwest Side in a two-flat they share with the congressman and his wife -- a building that is outside the borders of Gutierrez's 4th Congressional District (see related story). Figueroa and her husband own 55 percent of the two-flat, according to Gutierrez, who said he and his wife own the rest and live upstairs.

'My father knows all about that'"  continued here
 I guess he does know all about it so now it's gonna be time for him to tell the English speaking, Gringo gallery out here who'd like to know how a "man of the Spanish Illegal People" can swing free condo's for the kiddies,^Y*%^*&%)  Crook .


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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