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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Latino IL Congressman Gets Arrested Inciting Violence by Protecting Illegal Alien Lawbreakers Over Americans,

I don't hate many thing but I do hate people like this man who get away with their proud and outward racism directed at American Caucasians,  and I for one will work hard to see this man removed from office in this state for his Pro La Raza connections and other questionable allegiances against the best interests of Americans.

Someone tell this asshole that he's supposed to represent the interests of all his constituents, and while  even though the majority of them in his third world district are Illegal aliens,  were his favoritism towards Hispanics reversed it would be cause for removal from office so should it here in his case. 

Police arrested Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez with a group of protesters Saturday at a rally outside the White House."

See what his shirt says? Arrest me and waste the taxpayer money some more for a bullshit civil disobedience arrest instead of his thousands of criminal friends. Asshole.

He has a palpable hate for anyone non Hispanic and proves it regularly with his support FOR CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS OVER BORN AND BRED AMERICANS.

In fact when you go to his website you can see what's important to him. Payday loans and other ways illegal aliens are exploited  by the same people Luis's buddy Obama is protecting!!

He's earning himself a nice top spot on the "remove from office" list growing each day.

Filling up with  "out of control, self serving 'against the interests of the US' " lawbreaking lawmakers like this LaRaza lover..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I hope he drops the soap in the shower...

  2. I freakin' hate that punk as much as anyone around here as he and a handful of others are aiding and abetting an invasion of foreigners and should be honestly removed from office and we're looking into if advocating the breaking of the nation's laws is cause for impeachment. I'm sure it does and therefore if charged and convicted here he should be then impeached.

  3. I can't stand this putz either.  I'm sure he'll get re-elected, with all the
    illegals we have here voting for him.

  4. The whole city is gerrymandered like that, you're exactly right Bunni.  It's like republican proof because it's now overloaded with illegals and legals doing illegal shit all the time.

  5. I hope he won't get re-elected when he's up. 

  6. We're working hard on it believe me....it's so hard though because his district is a locally known Latino infested Illegal Alien Zone since the idiot mayor turned the city into a democratic lowlife stronghold by letting the city fill up with illegals and unemployed Minorities who outnumber working CHicagoans by 3 to 1.

    So he's about as safe in that seat as Obama is when he sits down at Jeremiah Wrong's church pews..


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