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Thursday, May 20, 2010

"No One Is Gonna Smear My Fake War Record" Still can't believe that....

I still cannot believe this man, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal went out and handled this the way he did, almost I would say "extorting" his VFW buddies which is the way the world is, friends help friends in need but usually only when there's something in it for them nowadays sadly.

He's championed their causes in the military (which some few vet dems do to build their "man cred", something of which many seem to feel they lack, ie "Liveshot" Kerry and his Winter soldier lies) and probably for some of the right reasons as well, but he also likely did it because he had to, so no one would question his false "war hero narrative" that he espoused for most of his political career, which apparently no one did.

Furthermore, the government sadly gives them such crumbs in the Veterans Administration and similar agencies, they'll do anything to keep this man in office just to keep helping their cause because he owes them big time now! I'm certain their budget is nothing like the country's monthly food stamp bill.

And if I were them after that snow job yesterday they gave him cover on, I'd do it too.

Look how they hung on to Murtha until he finally lost his marbles with his false "killed in cold blood" Haditha remark which also denigrated the Corp. (That's "core" if you're Obama)

A cause which shouldn't need help, and if properly funded in the first place, these poor men would not have had to "whore themselves out" as they did in that video if you saw it , and would thus lead them to jettison this fake under any other circumstances. A fact that makes this whole thing even filthier than it appears, for manipulating the real heroes to stand shoulder to shoulder with him kind of like his buddies in congress do with their either 'show' or 'jilted wives'.

And it appears filthier than a Richard Pryor or Chris Rock routine.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. The man has no shame, but then again, he's a democrat, so no surprise there.  What a turd...

  2. Why here's one right now..... ;)


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