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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Muslim Mayhem Alert on "Draw Muhammad Eve" as Paki's Block Facebook....

..Well that's why we're here. To illicit this animalistic response from the usual suspects so we can indentify them all with videos like these...

Looks like the world is gearing up for "Draw Muhammad Day" .

Bet your 'pigpen and bacon' that this 'Infidel Soldier Against Islam' is participating as are some buddies, and you can see our masterpieces here tomorrow morning sometime.

By the way, how did all this cartoon madness begin to begin with?

Many think it was the cartoons the Danish Cartoonists' drew, however that's not the truth. (pic hijacked from good and local Chicago friend Findalis at "monkey in the middle"..)

The truth is this from Reason.com who's having the contest even though the woman who thought it up has pussied out' pun intended and others like myself have taken up the cause to illicit the response we all know will come...

the very original cartoon pictured here was drawn by a Muslim Imam which is explained below.

Author's Note: This article includes three images that clearly denigrate Islam and the Prophet Mohammed. So there is absolutely no question about the provenance of these images, I would like to direct all readers to Wikipedia's authoritative writeup on the matter.

These images were included in a dossier that aggrieved imams living in Denmark took with them to the Middle East specifically to stoke outrage at a dozen cartoons published in September 2005 in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

The images include an amateurish doodle identifying Mohammed as a pedophile, a dog humping a prostrate praying Muslim (with the caption, "This is why Muslim pray five times a day"), and a photocopy of a French comedian in a pig-squealing contest (with the phony caption, "Here is the real image of Mohammed").

It is nothing less than amazing that holy men decrying the desecration of their religion would create such foul images, but there you have it. It is as if the pope created "Piss Christ" and then passed it off as the work of critics of Catholicism. The images below may indeed give offense, not just to Muslims but to people of all faiths and even atheists. If they do, remember who created and distributed them.
That piece goes on and on so please read it if you have a problem with this gesture tomorrow. It's makes a more eloquent case than I do.

I write like I talk unlike most. Many like it, many more hate it. Too bad.

Interesting little history there that probably 80% of the people decrying this gesture don't even know since we do know liberals who govern don't even read the laws and bills they hate or the ones they write for that matter........ as in AZ SB 1o7o up in top corner.

Particularly since the media has pretty much stuck with the "White Danish men mock Islam for no reason whatsoever because mean crazy white men do this stuff" narrative for the most part. Kind of like the "Times Square Bomber" as the planners in Pakistan laughed as the Liberals rushed to blame a white American. Asssholes.

This is the Pakistani ban video talked about in the headline......
In the meantime the Pakistani's are crying to Facebook and frankly they're just the tip of this iceberg as it 's grown exponentially and tomorrow should bring some interesting fireworks, hopefully proving to the world that if our prophet, who IS God, is the subject of scorn, ridicule, and yet cities don't burn and people aren't beheaded for it, then these damn radical Islamic animals should behave no less civilized when their Prophet, who's a pedophilic rapist, is mocked in a mostly harmless manner such as cartooning.

This isn't the Dark Ages anymore and unless they all want to get bombed back to the stone age they need to chill out and culturally denounce terrorism which they won't do, because it's the only army the Muslim people have. Video | Reuters.com


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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