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Monday, May 10, 2010

Man killed in home invasion after suspect poses as census worker

HOUSTON—A man was killed and his family members beaten after three suspects barged into a north Houston home Saturday afternoon, police said.

Investigators said one of the suspects pretended to be a census worker to gain entry into the house, located in the 400 block of Truman.

Family members said the victim’s son opened the door for the suspects, believing they were with the census.  continued

What scum...there's why you come near our door you'll be meeting mr 9mm if I don't know who you are nowadays... even out here in the 'burbs as Obama and his "fo ho'seman friends" (that's '4 horsemen' in Ebonics) out here (Farrakhan, Daley, Luis Gutierrez and Rhambo Emmanuel, all local Chicago slime)  supposed 'community organizing' left Chicago in shambled as the country can see even effected our neighborhoods..!!

There's a big reason why many won't open their doors for anyone claiming to be from the government, I mean they figuratively rape us daily so why would one open the door for one coming to one's front door figuring they're there in person to do the very same thing..  

This one the victims nor the perpetrator appear to have anything to do with the government other than "posing" as one, but who's to say some census worker couldn't pull this very same thing as, again, some have.

With all the Americans who are disabled and or just unemployed the best they could do are scrape up a bunch of lowlife rapist felons out on their weekend passes? Geesz Louise....


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I put of the city water dept from coming here for months because they hire subcontractors.  I did not want someone here that "technically" did not work for the city and probably had not gone through a background check. Unfortunately, I had to give in finally and luckily it went well. It is a shame that I as a citizen am forced to let potential danger that I have no control over into my house. What happened to the days when the workers actually WORKED for the companies they represent? Remember the good old days when the Illinois Bell people were ACTAUL Illinois Bell employees? Now they are fly by night contractors. REALLY sucks.

  2. This is such an awful tragedy :( .  I hope those bastages who are imitating being census workers get their just desserts soon.  Since I am usually alone when my husband is at work I won't open the door unless I know the person. Ya never know what's gonna happen nowadays.

  3. You ever need help give me a call, I'm nearby and a former 911 dispatcher to boot....I know how and what to get done in emergencies ....  :) \\
    I really keep a 9mm right next to my front door not hanging there but in a case that's readily available. One in the car, one in the bedroom I encourage intruders.

  4. I'll tell you one thing, we are not opening our door to a census worker at all unless we know them.


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