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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Local Boy Done Good Wins Idol...Local Boy No More.. lol

Won't be seeing Mr DeWyze hanging around Mt Prospect for too much longer after his out of nowhere rise from obscurity to 'made for music industry' rock star!

Good luck to him with this. He had 40,000 people show up last week to a concert that was only supposed to be three songs and he just kept playing. Ready to rock and roll right out of the paint store he was working in down the street here.

This was his "day" here in a video from the local neighborhood Paper, The Daily Herald some of it taken on the very street I live on last week a couple miles down the road...

Chicago Tribune.com Now the real contest begins: Which of the “American Idol” finalists is best suited for the musical long haul?

Lee DeWyze won the “American Idol” voting Wednesday in what host Ryan Seacrest described as a tight race over Crystal Bowersox. But it shouldn’t have been close. DeWyze is an affable, impossible-to-dislike underdog. But Bowersox is this year’s most intriguing “Idol” talent, the singer with the most potential to blossom into a
career artist

Bowersox projects as a head-strong singer-songwriter with a gritty voice and an innate toughness that could translate into a Melissa Etheridge-style career that straddles rock and folk, with a touch of soul.

DeWyze has further to go in terms of establishing himself as a genuine artist once untethered from the “Idol” machine. When he needed to project a bigger, more assertive personality in Tuesday’s final performances, he instead shrunk from the challenge.

The suburban Mt. Prospect native didn’t do himself any favors by wrestling with R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” and performing a version of Paul Simon’s “The Boxer” just respectful enough to be dull. Even on U2’s “Beautiful Day,” he never quite got swept up in the song as strings swirled around him and drums tried to coax out his inner Bono. DeWyze didn’t seem nearly as excited about this performance as his growing fan base has been about him. continued


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  1. Finally something good has come out of Chicago!

  2. Good for Lee. My feeling about this since last week is that grandma's and little girls will not vote for a tatooed, pierced and dredlocked American Idol. Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen because the same group decided that Lambert would not win.

    This young man is such a fresh face. He has a great voice. If he can find the ease on stage, and what to do with this eyes, he will be a big star.

    Having said that, Mommasox has a huge career in front of her unless she goes all wonkey.

  3. Nice to see a white guy win something for a change. No Sharpton, no Jackson glomming on to grab free pub and on and on..

    Yea I could hear the fireworks from the live thing they had in the Village Green down the street! 

  4. Finally, something smile about! 8-)  

  5. Quite a crowd down the road last night, I went down there with the top down to check it out......thousands of cars, couldn't even get close there and watched the fireworks while cruising down there.

    I gotta hope they increase the age limit huh Val?


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