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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Drilling Agency Regulators Too Busy Watching Porn and Smoking Meth to Stop Spills"

Sounds like one of my headlines but it's 'not this time', it's from the "Wall Street Cheat Sheet" on the Obama Interior department report that shows drilling regulators like the SEC's so-called "regulators' who masturbated through the entire Dem Caused Financial Tsunami, have all been doing nothing but smoking crack, meth and anything else they could fit 'in the pipe' to make their days fly by and their porn surfing more enjoyable I guess just like their governMental buddies down the road in DC.

That stands for 'District of Crack' that is, and in more ways than one it appears...

(new SEC building facade ordered by Obama..my psd)

"A new US Interior Department report explains that drilling regulators preferred screwing around over protecting our oceans and waterways. The report says regulators used computers to watch porn instead of analyzing drilling equipment, accepted luxurious gifts from the oil and gas companies instead of sending them fines for violations,

In at least one case, an inspector for the Minerals Management Service admitted using crystal methamphetamine and said he might have been under the influence of the drug the next day at work. [source]
I added the psd....

This points to the need to reign in internet usage within the out of control Obama Animal House government who are treating these government jobs as if they hit the lottery which in many cases they have.

Remember this in November for the political ads as if we'll even need them by that time. After November the 'political' sites get set on Obama who'll be lucky to complete his term at this juncture.

His cabal is collapsing around him in less than two years.

I beg of all Americans to send some adults back into Washington because these people are out of control..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Gee... These regulators are doing a piss poor job of regulating.  But, they are "experts" at gambling and using drugs- breaking the law.  This sh*t has got to stop. Our taxpayer dollars are going down the crapper.  This crap must stop!

  2. In this situation, and the SEC perverts, their salary - all of it - need to be taken from them. Revoke any coming vacation and sick leave, fire their sorry rears and vidicate the taxpayers.

    The first to go must be the supervisors, who in the government are paid big bucks to supervise.

  3. So right ladies....this is what's going on in government agencies running the gamut and we have no reason to believe the partying in the 1/2 White House is unmitigated as well....
    Nice to see ya Teresa ;) and welcome back Maggie. :)


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