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Monday, May 17, 2010

Iran agrees atom fuel deal with Turkey, Brazil. What a joke.

Anyone who believes this is on the "up and up" I have a couple damaged buildings for sale along with a bridge in Lower Manhattan which need "a few cosmetic repairs", just send your $1000 downpayments to Paypal account "deathtoislam.yahoo.com".

As if this has anything to do with Iran secretly "in our faces" weaponizing nukes.

This is now Drudge's headline hours after I posted this story at 5 am.
This just demonstrates how useless the UN has become. The only thing that body has a use for would be to demolish it and use the rubble to plug the Deepwater Horizon oil gushing pipe in the Gulf, then it might be worth a shit.
Since when does the party in question over at that place get to 'write their own ticket'?  We pay for that shithole and we make the rules, this isn't the Arab League and if it is then move it out of New York.

Again the UN is nothing more than a useless organization, and their uselessness is accentuated by their just naming those killer Iranian Muslims in Iran to the "women's rights commission. 

 Yea, I'm still laughing too. You remember NEDA don't you? Women's rights commission" my ass. 

That's as much of a joke as this is. See any Non Muslims in this picture? That's because to them they're all that matters in the UN, mostly because it's so filled with despotic Muslim killers there's no room left for anyone else at their UN table.

 Looks like a Koran Study class to me more than anything.
TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran agreed with mediators Brazil and Turkey on Monday it would send some of its uranium abroad, abruptly ending its refusal to countenance such a deal just as the U.N. Security Council readied tougher sanctions.

It was not immediately clear whether Iran's apparent concessions, following months of deadlock over a U.N.-drafted fuel swap plan, would satisfy major powers which have been discussing a new round of punitive U.N. measures against Tehran.

Analysts say the agreement may allow Tehran to avert new tougher U.N. sanctions, split the major powers and help the leadership reassert its authority after months of unrest and opposition that followed the presidential election last June.

A European Commission spokesman said the agreement between the leaders of Iran, Turkey and Brazil may be a step in the right direction, but details needed to be seen.

Moscow, Berlin and Paris also said they wanted more information before commenting, although the French foreign ministry added the deal would not resolve core concerns.

"... Let us not deceive ourselves, a solution to the (fuel) question, if it happens, would do nothing to settle the problem posed by the Iranian nuclear program," spokesman Bernard Valero said in a statement.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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