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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sheriff Joe and Crew Busts ARIZONA Cockfighting Ring; 70 Arrested, At Least 20 Illegals

20 Illegals were on these premises at the time and I'm betting it's even more if not most of them since I've never met too many real Americans who are into Cock fighting, as it's an old Mexican custom and other immigrants have brought it with them as well.

It's also legal in 2 states, both of which harbor serious illegal populations, and that's Louisiana and New Mexico.
The closest most Americans have ever come to it is an episode of Seinfeld that mocked it years ago, at least my only knowledge to that point was it.

It's done all over America, by mostly illegals and the Mafia to some degree for the gambling.

Regardless of where it started, it needs to be brought to an end. As far as county police departments go, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is easily the hardest working Sheriff in the country at least  as far as I'm concerned, and secondly I wonder of all the Dog lovers and Vick haters will be on the Illegals and Mexicans for Rooster fighting?  

I seriously doubt it.

TONOPAH, Ariz. - An illegal cockfighting ring was busted in the west valley and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not taking this animal cruelty lightly.

The fights were held in Tonopah, near 385th Avenue and Southern. Nearly 70 people were arrested, including 20 suspected illegal aliens.

"We do not give tickets out, we arrest them and put them in handcuffs, book them into our jail when they violate animal cruelty laws. I don't care if it's against dogs, cats, horses, roosters or what have you." Arpaio said.

All of the suspects were booked for being present at a cockfight - a class one misdemeanor.
The Sheriff's office also says guns and drugs were found at the property.


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  1. Smoke 'em out, Sheriff Joe!

  2. I might have some trolls for you to fight with Kurt on my Ms Muslim USA post... I'm getting nailed with massive traffic from this little shit blog or website, some Atheist place.. No one but the guy who posted it has commented yet and I took care of him...  ;)


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