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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hawks look to pick up Game 6 tonight -

Any pro will tell you the keys to winning playoffs is winning games away from your home ice and they've been able to do that during the first playoff series they won over the Nashville Predators, and now they've sent the Canucks home for the season with their devoted but deservedly dejected fans  who could be heard leaving to the chant "WTF is Canuck anyways?" lol..just kiddin'.

So it's another series win and "Go Hawks" for all the bandwagoner's who'll be looking for a seat on the train now that they're a couple wins away from the Stanly Cup Finals after first meeting the equally formidable  San Jose Sharks, who the Hawks incidentally handled pretty well during the regular season, as they did with most teams in the league this 2009-10 season finishing with a barn burning 112 points, which is almost identical to the final record of the Sharks this season as well....wooooo...spooky

Pretty evenly matched teams on paper, they can't get much closer than that after a long hockey season which is coming down now to the wire and the very best of the best.

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I guess you can see it's game 6 tonight for the Blackhawks and after losing Sunday night they're still up 3 games to 2 and can wrap the series tonight, or come home on a 2 game losing streak,  facing elimination after being up 3 games to 1 at one time.

We'll take that win tonight instead of the other scenario, and hopefully we'll be reporting back a series win tonight before the day wraps up..

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- John Madden knew right away, or at least a couple of shifts into Game 5.
“Vancouver has traditionally played a certain way,” Madden said after Tuesday’s morning skate. “There’s two ways you can look at it: They’re not into the game; or two: they are playing a different style.”

It turns out the latter was the case, and although the Hawks tried to adjust mid-stride, it became harder after Vancouver scored first.

“You realize when you watch video, you have a lot more time with the puck,” Madden explained. “We’re going to go back to our control game.”

And that means holding onto the rubber a little bit longer, when necessary.

“Playoff hockey is fast,” Patrick Sharp said. “But sometimes when we have the puck, we can take that extra half second and look for a play or take it ourselves. That’s something you can look through on video and learn as you go along.”

So what’s the bottom line?
Hawks have to play better, that's my bottom line...lol.. that story continued here ESPN Chicago


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  1. Good luck tonight! I will be watching...

    From Sharon the Red Wing fan.... been visiting often, too busy to comment lately.

    I hope they go all the way!

  2. Hey you long time no see! I've missed your comments Sharon...they pulled it out and we'll see now if they have the stuff to go the distance now that they won't be facing the Red Wings in their way for once....   They really stand a good chance to win this thing. I'm really happy for the team this year. Dollar bill Wirtz squeezed the blood out of his last nickel and his son moved the team into the 21st century and in 2 years they're in back to back conference finals.


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