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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Annual Rolling Thunder Memorial Ride Slides Right By Empty White House

From Fox comes this annual story and news which seems to be the only place year after year where they give this the attention it' due.

I suppose they're all bent at the 'Obama State Run Media' the men and women won't be posing for any of these with the new boss "Commander in Cheat", who's obvious 'guilt' caused him to bail this weekend as being around real patriots give him the 'Slick Willies'.....instead of course opting for a weekend back at the 'concrete homicide jungle' AKA of the south side of Chicago (thanks mostly to he and like minded Daley thank you.)

In fact, in case you haven't heard the news yet, this is what's going down at the Chicago White House..cont..


Standoff! Nation of Islam confronts Secret Service

President's men in testy showdown with Farrakhan mansion security link

....Nice, it sounds like a normal violence filled weekend back with the Obama Gangster Disciples...

After all, 'who wouldn't' make that choice when presented on Memorial Day while president, instead of being lauded and fawned over on the lawn for the Annual Concert with every other president before him?

Well, Obama and Marxist liberals just like him, of course. That's who would.

I guess he'd rather hang out with the "Nation of Islam" neighbor of Nation Leader Louis Farrahkan at a barbecue showdown with his secret service...What a freakin' bro.

God we warned them all, they wouldn't listen to people like Joseph Farah and so on.

I mean in his case there's only one or two Memorial Days left now ....if he's lucky? No?

Frankly, I'd rather be here, back in the day seemingly afar when adults were actually running the country...

At the Pentagon full slide show here....

May 30: Rolling Thunder parks itself within the massive parking lots of the Pentagon. With temperatures reaching 90 degrees on the blacktop, bikers soon began seeking respite in the few shady areas. Tents were set up with food, free water was passed around.
Large motorcycle clubs like the Nam Knights and Viet Nam Vets Motorcycle Club gathered in huge clusters, boasting members from as far flung as California and Texas through to New England. Many were represented by successive generations of vets, including recent Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, and of course family and friends.
Source: Kelly Vlahos
FOXNews.com - Rolling Thunder Memorial Ride


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Thanks for posting the video and pics. This child-man in the White House is a disgrace.

  2. Yes a discgrace to the western world like none before him. 

    It'll be another 200 years before another black man gets elected as he's erased all the forward progress and now displaced it with racial tension and hatred. Obama the divider.

    Enhjoy your memorial day Teresa .

  3. Nice post, Ray. I like your Memorial Day top graphic, too.

  4. Thanks and have a safe and somber Memorial day and thank you for your service Pt.


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