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Friday, April 9, 2010

Obama: Palin's No Expert on Nuclear Strategy | ChicagoRay: Neither Is "Organizer" Obama

Somebody better nudge "Obama the brainless" as he doesn't know shit from Cheyenne about nuclear weaponry and 20 months ago was in the back of limo's smoking crack with Larry Sinclaire and who knows who else community organizing a community that's still the murder capital of the US with more fatherless households than anywhere in America. 

What a Great Job community organizing Barry, as that community is far from organized.

So maybe we should call him Obama the Discombobulator from now on. or perhaps

And furthermore. he doesn't have a freaking clue about how to wield power, as we've sadly seen demonstrated  by none other than "Barry The Bowing Muslim Boob" over the past 15 months, watching Obama neuter America around the world and destroy it at home with equal ignorance.

Just as he did by kissing Russia's ass destroying our nuke strike and response capability along with jeopardizing our future safety for help with Iran. Like Obama can trust Medvedev and Putin to smack around Madman Mahmoud Ahmadickwad to get him in line?

He obviously doesn't know a thing about dealmaking "because you're supposed to get something in return for your concessions, you Kenyan born ______".

Hopefully the left learns what we all thankfully have about Obama's hidden reparations and Muslim appeasement agenda before this happens to DC and some other American city, most definitely courtesy Iran and or North Korea.  
Or perhaps we should say "courtesy of Obama", since he's the one painting the target on our nation.  The Kenyan born moron that he is, now that his "Birther" wife finally confirmed everyone's ridiculed beliefs. 

And he's worried about Sarah Palin, who's by the way making him dance like he's the star of a new aged Minstrel Show at the UN..

Here's Palin's actual remarks....

Obama: Palin's No Expert on Nuclear Strategy:

FOXNews.com - 
"Sarah Palin is no nuke expert, President Obama said Thursday in a TV interview, responding to Palin's criticism of Obama's new nuclear strategy.

Obama was asked about a comment the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee made on Fox News' 'Hannity,' comparing the president's plan to a kid asking to be punched in the face on the playground and vowing not to hit back.

'Last I checked, Palin's not an expert on nukes,' Obama told ABC News. 'If the secretary of defense and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are comfortable, I'll take my advice from them and not Sarah Palin.'

Obama has taken heat from the right for a shift in nuclear strategy that would limit the potential uses of nuclear weapons -- even in self defense -- while making exceptions for nations like Iran that have flouted international sanctions.

'It's unbelievable. Unbelievable. No administration in America's history would, I think, ever have considered such a step that we just found out that President Obama
is supporting today,' Palin, a former Alaska governor and now a Fox News contributor, said Wednesday in an interview with Sean Hannity.

'You know that's kind of like getting out there on the playground a bunch of kids ready to fight and one of the kids saying go ahead, punch me in the face and I'm not going to retaliate. Go ahead and do what you want to with me,' she said. 'No, it is unacceptable."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. You said it Ray!  100%  ;) .  I love all the names you think up for the marxist, muslim mullah loving maniac!

  2. Thanks I try to make some folks laugh in all this misery this Halfrican fraud is shoving down our throats Bendover Barney style.


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