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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mark Levin on Lady Obama Calling Kenya Barry's Home Country

Yup, no kidding, she did and I hadn't even heard about this video, it's attached to a post from the Chicago examiner and Levin talked about it on his show last night remarkably. These top talkers NEVER talk about this Kenya stuff ever

Check the clip down below. It's funnier than hell, although the entire show was actually pretty funny as he opens up with Obama (who gets smoked on some White Sox trivia yesterday) and can't name one favorite player. What a story telling Nimrod he is. We can see his "life narrative" falling apart at the seams.

It's hard to keep all those lies organized when all you do is talk hyperbole and bullshit day after day.

Another great part is the actual opening through the first 15 minutes of the show with this Obama 18 minute answer to that question he gave the other day playing in the background.  It's hilarious as Obama rambles and rambles and he goes to a commercial and then comes back and Obama's still rambling and bumbling. That's why I call him Obumble.

The video with Michelle at some Gay Lesbian council meeting itself is below,  and then the Examiner piece from Levin follows... The show can be heard here and the Obama section can be found almost directly in the middle of it. 04/05 The Mark Levin Show

Mark Levin via Chicago Examiner : "This may have been a slip of the tongue or the First Lady may have meant President Obama's father when she said 'his home country'. The audio could have been spliced and diced in a video chop shop. There's no denying it came out kind of awkward sounding. During a speech she gave to the LGBT community Michelle Obama referred to the African country of Kenya as Barack Obama's home country.

The comment happens at 40 seconds into the video below. As you know President Obama's father originated from the beautiful country of Kenya. Obama was born in Hawaii as his birth certificate indicates.

This video has been making its rounds around the internet but has not really gained much attention. As the economy gets stronger and Republicans have had to battle sex scandal allegations recently. It seems as if the country is starting to get used to the political games that get played by politicians.

Financial reform may have politicians fighting over legislation. I guess we'll found out next week whether it will be a big fight or a small one."  source..


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  1. I think obumbles baby mama told the truth for once.
    The liar in chief never does!  I'm not surprised he can't name
    one Sox player.  He's a disgrace, Ray.

  2. I love it when they slip up and tell the truth!

    I think Obama should go to his home country and run for president there...

  3. Funny isn't it when he f's up and his wife has done this a couple times.  Glenn Beck is talking about it on his radio show this morning and he's against birthers as you both know and he's claiming they're putting this out there now to gather some moss to detract from the other stuff and I don't understand this "detract from the issues" theory? All the conservatives I know which include you all are smart enough to handle all of them at once.

    They don't detract us from anything with this if that's their intention. It reminds me about it, not that I forgot he wasn't born here.

  4. Isn't he a moron? My dead maternal grandmother used to know every Cubs player, she watched them every single day for the last 30 years of her life and when I see people like Obumbles claiming they're lifelong fans I get pissed off. Hillary did that same crap with  the Yankees and took all kinds of flack for it remember? 

    I don't follow bball anymore day to day, greedy bastards, but I still know the names of all the stars on all the teams. Cubs and Hawks I know all of them right now. He's a lying sack of __________  fill in the blank Bunni  >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

  5. Well, I disagree with Levin. I don't think it came out awkward, she was reading so it was intended, and I can't see where this would have anything to do with Barack's father.

    "When we took our trip to Kenya and visited his home country..." Nothing ambiguous about that.

  6. He's still talkin about it right now as I'm typing this answer to you :)   

    I can't believe they're even talking about it at all.  There was much worse stuff than this, that video with his grandma saying he was born there and she was there, they didn't talk about that one. I knew later on when Obama started screwing  up everyone would re visit this issue and say " hmmmm. maybe we should look at this a little closer now!".   I'm surprised no one is suing to stop Obamacare because of this yet..they will though I bet soon enough.

  7. It sure is an awfully strange thing to say about a man who supposedly with no question whatsoever was born in Hawaii.  It's just a strange thing altogether because when we introduce our spouses we don't go Ray's  home country of Italy because my dad was born there, so it's a bust. But they'll just deny..Beck is right though, they're planning all this out and they drop this out there, she may have even done it as a set up just for this very reason, so who knows the truth. *DONT_KNOW*


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