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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mining Accident Information From West Va | Raw Accident Data

We all sat last week hearing news of a mining accident with trapped miners in China and then we hear with some relief that 115 miners were found and removed from the mine after a remarkable number of days following the deadly accident with officials finding only 5 dead after the mine unexpectedly filled with water.

Wonderful news except now they claim they cant reach some 33 miners still trapped there so the news isn't exactly as good as all had hoped.

However, then we then awaken today to the news of a mining accident here in W VA, yesterday afternoon, and right out of the box it turns out already 25 are reported dead with 4 miners trapped apparently, according to reports I've seen and read here first thing Tuesday am.

One of the miners was retiring in just 5 freaking weeks.

His story here from Matt Lauer who's the only one with this man's family...who claim now 12 hours after the accident NO ONE from the Coal company has bothered even calling them

Oh and were is Obama while I'm thinking about it? Doing basketball final four interviews or generating some other useless propaganda ? Actually he's supposedly going to speak any minute now according to a report at CNN where the reporters are already gathering for some Teleprompter Speak this morning from the Commander in Speech. (just began at 8:45 am)

Here's some of the most recent mining accidents in the US and their victims from Fox News

FOXNews.com - Raw Data: Mining Accident Information: "Recent Major Fatal Mining Incidents, United States:

- Dec. 30: 1970: 38 die in a coal explosion at Finley Coal No. 15 and 16, Hyden, Ky.

- Feb. 26, 1972: 114 die in a coal dam failure at Buffalo Mining Co., Saunders, W.Va.

- May 2, 1972: 91 die in a fire at Sunshine Mining Company in Kellogg, Idaho.

- Dec. 19, 1984: 27 die in a coal fire at Wilberg Mine, Orangeville, Utah.

- Sept. 23, 2001: 13 die in a coal explosion at No. 5 Mine, Brookwood, Ala.

- Jan. 2, 2006: 12 die in a coal explosion at Sago Mine, Buckhannon, W.Va.

- May 20, 2006: 5 die in a coal explosion at Darby Mine No. 1, Millsboro Ky.

- Aug. 6, 2007: 6 die in coal accident at Crandall Canyon Mine, Huntington, Utah

(source: CDC)"


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  1. It's very sad when these things happen.
    I really felt for the family that lost their father, who was
    going to retire in just a short time.  Life is precious, and
    we never know what will happen.  God rest all the Souls of the
    miners, and give their families strength.

    If obumbles ruins my 10:00 show for another phony "concerned" press conf.
    I am going to have a fit! >:o

  2. Yea it does suck Bunni.

    These men are busting their asses doing this dirty assed work and really aren't fairly compensated. 

    Our society is very upside down when it comes to what we pay risk takers and what we pay bull shitters, its ridiculous/ Entertainment has thrown our values out of whack and it's a long way from being right. Then again this is what the free markets bear. They should make illegals do that crap if you ask me. Then after 10 years in the mines they can be legal citizens for breaking our laws all this time.

    Illegals are running their own businesses with all their tax free money and poor west virginians are dying in freaking coal mines!!!!! Gosh dammit!! Angers me.

  3. Thank ya maam :)


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