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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

List: Top 10 U.S. Cities In Free Fall | Hint, No Conservative or Rep. Mayors, NOT A ONE

This was from the weekend however I neglected to post it so here it is today.....

Here's the top ten which I checked each and every one providing a link, they're all democrats except for one. I'm sure no one is surprised except for the stray liberal who appear here once in great while now .....
from this Yahoo article

List: 10 U.S. Cities In Free Fall - Forbes.com:

U.S. Cities In Free Fall - Yahoo! Real Estate: "Miami boasts a popular South Beach club scene, Art Deco Architecture, and perhaps the best Cuban food in the country. But residents don't have much else to celebrate.

More than three years after the economy started its downward slide, the Miami metro area, like a handful of Sun Belt cities, still hasn't begun to recover. Median home prices in Miami have fallen 38% since its market peaked in the second quarter of 2007; the city's 11% unemployment rate is above the national average and has grown more than most of the 40 cities we surveyed."Read more U.S. Cities In Free Fall:

I compiled this little top ten list with links where the Yahoo breakdown says absolutely nothing about the people running these places into the ground for whatever their particular set of circumstances lead these places to fall in such disarray. 

Chicago isn't in the top ten but it damn well should be, the only reason it isn't right now is because Donald Trump has decided to pump a few billion into the city buying cut rate real estate and making a killing which is what smart Americans used to do until Obama came along and made it illegal for anyone but the elites to own wealth and their wealth used to be ours.
  1.    Ft Lauderdale dem John Jack Seiler

  2.    Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio dem

  3.    San Bernadino Patrick Morris dem

  4.    Jacksonville Fla John Peyton rep

  5.  Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ Phil Gordon, dem

  6.   LA Loon Land CA Antonio Villaraigosa Dem if there ever was one

  7.   Orlando Kissimmee FL Buddy Dyer Dem

  8.   Greater Sacramento CA OBAMA BUDDY Kevin Johnson DEM

  9.   Las Vegas Paradise Nevada.....Oscar Goodman. Dem

  10.    Providence Rhode Island Mayor David N. Cicilline Dem

 So how do you like them bad apples?

an old abandoned and looted Detroit auto assembly plant
 I lied, there is one republican, and that's the mayor of the number 4 city in the top ten Cities in FREE FALL across America as defined by Forbes magazine and reported across the internet Friday night.

So while sitting home watching Saturday night fever and then Casino late Friday nightI caught this story and without flinching turned to my desk to prove what I already knew.

And that would be what you asked yourself just now?

That every city on that list HAD TO BE presently or at least recently have been being run by democrats.

And this isn't about cities like most of the world just recovering from a near depression caused by Democrats to sway American elections that had worldwide repercussions they didn't expect because they don't know "dick" for the most part about how to create jobs without growing government.

Growing government and unions have decimated America as Unions were crafted when America led the world in manufacturing. We no longer do and until that day comes back unions are useless blood sucking political arms of the democratic party and nothing more.

And for your information I'm a teamster and a Musician's Guild cardholders from my printing and music careers and frankly I hate them both but they're there and if you want to work in the printing industry or you wanna play your guitar and sing with your band in a local bar or club you better have a card in this city and LA too not to mention New York.
 This is an abandoned Detroit theater btw called the Chicago Theater!
That's not "cities on the verge of greatness" or cities "on the cusp of Utopia" as liberals keep promising their voters who "keep repeating the same behavior over and over by electing the same scum over and over expecting different results" which Tony Robbins and any others of life's winners in the world will tell you is "the definition of insanity".

No that's once again "Cities in free fall"

Forbes magazine, not me.

Starting to make more sense now?

Liberalism as Dr Savage and now countless others have proven without a doubt that liberalism is nothing more than a mental disorder, not an ideology as it claims.

You reap what you sow in this life and it's quite obvious what's destroying America and that is liberal leadership in urban areas, who's misinformed votes are canceling out 80% of the rural vote from state to state across the country, especially in Illinois with Chicago and Springfield accounting for most of the misinformed votes.  This is causing the dem death spiral the country's manufacturing is in, and so goes manufacturing so go the riches and thus the country right with it.

And anyone can ask China to verify that since all our manufacturing under dems with plans like NAFTA (Bill Clinton) have been implemented in a global plan to see our wealth transfered to Asia and other third world hellholes to "even the playing field",  and now what's left of our dwindling wealth will be poured into these democratic "black hole money pits",  and by the time they're done,  every major city in 4 years or less under Obama will look like Detroit, and ready to be razed to the ground. Returned to the earth courtesy environMentally owned dems.

That theory can be applied to every major urban area in the US with the number one killing zone in this country about 20 miles southwest of where I sit tonight where handguns for the citizenry thus ascribed by the second amendment of the US constitution are FORBIDDEN for ownership by everyone except "all the king's men" and the criminals, a line that's almost become indiscernible between those two groups.

Here by the way is a little video we featured a number of times leading up to the election which was assembled at Boston.com which is the internet arm of the Boston Herald and if the three alphabet clusterfuc*s just played this thing a couple times in prime time Obama would be organizing the community you can see he left behind in shambles


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Maybe Chicago and Detroit are not there because they've already hit bottom.  You make an excellent point, my friend.  These failed social experiments are liberalism's exhibit A.  Want liberalism?  Look at California and Michigan. 

  2. Man I keep doing this every day and more and more I'm so happy I've been on the right side in both ways, ,meaning "being right" and " being right conservative"  because these people are so wrong about everything and I say to all my friends that it's drugs and alcohol that make one think like they do. The Lassaiz faire who gives a damn because I won't be here anyways" attitutde and I know because I once lived it when Music was my thing and still is but I'm a lone conservative in that world as well lol


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