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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glenn Beck on ACORN CEO Big Bertha The Bitch Lewis/Obama Inc. Socialist Emeritus

She's one fat pig to be calling people who payed her salary a "Bowel movement" as she did

Anyone who would hire this nut to anything anywhere would have to be associated with the radical, off the wall Obama Inc., which is what I'm calling them from now on since that's what they are. 

A government run minority, racist,  Obama water carrying, honkey hating criminal enterprise with our own money out to destroy and defame all  American Tea Party Patriots out here as quickly as possible, black or white (of course the AA one's happen to be the successful and affluent African Americans who thank GOD fled the ghettos for a better life in the only country that offers it),  all so they can frame the  Tea Party movement as THE threat

When in fact it's he,  (Self Proclaimed Lorde Obama)  and bitches like this former welfare queen  (before ACORN came along and made her CEO)  WHO ARE without a doubt the real threat to America. Anyone not stoked out on drugs and alcohol not suffering from mental illness can see this without a doubt in this one video below.

Here they are, finally given the keys to castle through the deceptive and false idol,   and they're  looting it like a South Side 'Nawlin's Walmart after Katrina. That's the best way to describe exactly what Obama is doing , because he knows after he's done,  another African American won't be elected president for another 200 years. And sadly many deserve it for settling on this Marxist fraud as their "Historical First Black President" who's not even black.

Martin Luther King must be rolling and flipping in his grave seeing this movement backwards while disguised as their savior. The bible and every other good book tells us to watch out for the sheep in wolves clothing and still half of America fell for his act.

In fact maybe this fat pig thief from Katrina is actuallu Bertha before she became a looter at ACORN as  they sure weigh. and talk the same to me....BIG MAC FAT BITCH written all over her if I've ever seen it.

They're there to steal your money and mine to give it to the lowlifes inside that room listening to that amp;()*$(^*)&)_+)  fat tramp, spewing Lenin - like Che Guevera loving crud. Fat Traitor.

Just listen to this **** ripping my tea party friends in the video featured by Beck today as you saw in the above video, she's almost laughably stupid, and I would sure love to see the  looks on the faces of the obvious all black audience, as she's feeding this regurgitated Marxist crud to them all , which they've obviously never heard of in school. If they did it must have been from all the wrong people if you love freedom and a free market society. (at least what was one).

This was all posted by Big Government   first yesterday on their youtube channel .....and their comments  on that site are below it..

Big Government: "If the video clip of Bertha Lewis I posted yesterday exposed her disturbing views on the tea party and conservatives in general, as well as her support for genuine socialism, the clip I am going to post here reveals the means by which she and others on the left plan on achieving their radical goals. For all the phony accusations against the Tea Party movement for racism and fomenting violence, if there is anything which will lead to racial violence and civic unrest in this country it’s the agenda on display here 

This fat and stupid ACORN CEO is one dangerous broad I'll tell you. (she called us stupid and now I'm calling her under educated ass stupid.)   She should be removed from anything anywhere that uses our tax dollars this minute for spewing this Marxist drivel minced together with the old and tired racist "blame whitey" bullshit.

Especially with your and my dime!!

She's nothing more than an Obama funded, agitating racist traitor and should be charged and  then executed if ever found guilty for all the obvious ACORN fraud she was head of, that is if we can ever get a government with some balls not afraid and intimidated by the agitators in order to shut these "affirmative action houses of ill repute" down.

They should be at least looked  at for the  for fomenting  anti American views to other ignorant minorities and any group of easy to manipulate and influence people who just don't know any better having never left their corner of State Street or Harlem or wherever liberals rule the roost.

She even says they're radical herself right at the beginning of the video, and she sounds to me like she's the one out there stoking a race war, and should be charged for incitement of violence just like a white man would if you took her words and reversed them against her community. She's more racist than any white redneck I know.

Here's another video you can see of that  treasonous ACORN bitch on FOX News Sunday last fall..during the Prostitute scandal that brought them down sort of.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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