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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Obama Administration Recruiting Kids for Propaganda Filmmaking / Brutal Indoctrination at Brandeis U

Beck quickly talked about both all three of these things we're posting here, the 2 combined below and the one above on ACORN. In fact the EPA thing we posted on my other blog a couple days ago, linking to Hot Air after I commented on it over there (linked at the bottom) who was looking at it already.

That's why I'm lumping it (THE EPA thing) in with this video of Megyn Kelly and Juan Williams talking about the controversial ad at Brandeis University. I didn't want to jam all three topics of his show and their background into one post.

A Jewish originated school using Nazi Propaganda to indoctrinate the leftward loons lumping in Tea Party Patriots with ******* Nazi's.  I can't believe the people who run that place even allowed a Swastika to adorn their brochure. Must not care about the Holocaust over there trivializing it by comparing it to an entertainer and teacher like Glenn Beck who's obviously not a Nazi.

Half of the liberals don't even know the definition of Fascism or they wouldn't be using it, because it describes them alittle closer than Beck. In fact a lot closer.

Any federal money going to this school needs to be stopped and that's gonna be one of our next targets out here

I don't know whether or not to even put this video on the site here for concern that the ObamaNazi's are taking down IP addresses and checking the logs to see which blogs posted this thing, so I opted to not post it but you can read about this brutal contest and see the video at this website here that's so goofy I can't believe it's part of our government WEB .


This thing is pretty insulting to me and perhaps you all as well when the woman is obviously selling this to kids and they're dressing up getting this done for free as a contest which to me is offensive. Hot Air had a post on this yesterday you can reach from the link at the bottom

MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory: "Only a matter of time, you must think, before you can call a toll-free number at the White House to place a bet on your favorite football team. Let the games begin. The Obama administration is playing politics by offering some lucky contest winner $2500 of your American dollars for best pro-Obama Big Government propaganda film of 2010.

The Environmental Protection Agency is running the contest – yes, that now extremely controversial agency with an extremely controversial mission – to explain to the American people why Barack Obama should be able to order the EPA to implement his own fraudulent “global warming” law without a law actually being passed by Congress.

The “Rulemaking Matters” video contest will reward “the best” 60-90 second video that “highlights the importance of federal regulation and motivates others to participate in the rule-making process.” Learn a little first."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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