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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lawyer: ABC News Paid Casey Anthony $200,000 | How Libs Gather News!

I try to make this a family thing here and usually refrain from using brutal language but I had to in this post to convey my incredible anger, so please proceed with caution if you do..thanks ....

Anyone out there who watches ABC after reading this to get any of the news that they expect to be unbiased needs their head examined. As after reading this story today  I have to say as soon as I get done posting this,  I am going to spend some  quality time crafting some little love letters to the mindless executives over there.

Within those, I'll be assuring them in my own, charming, fu**ing inimitable way that every person I know will never turn their news on again as a response to their paying out that baby killing , soulless scum of a mother  named Casey Anthony, (who jerked the nation around with her bullshit tales not to mention that equally f'd up family of hers) enough money for most working people to retire on for 10 years, just for a freaking interview!!

Can you  ^%$%$#@@  believe that ^%$%$##? 
I'm not stupid, as I know the National Enquirer did it, but yet somehow  has ended up more trustworthy than the networks after the Breck Girl Edwards debacle!  And these others have ways around it, like calling the bribes "consulting fees" and all that deceptive garbage they pull now in this business.

Yet,  even though they're in Obama's jock strap 24/7, I thought at least the other news, aside from political crap, was gathered on the "up and up" for the most part.  Well, I was wrong.

But to pay a mother who killed her own damn baby a 1/4 mil just to chat for an hour or two??

In - fu**ing - credible!!

Not that they'll give a damn, but never again will I watch that channel for anything, and that even goes for Jake Tapper, right up until he ends up at FoxNews,  just like their other top reporter John Stossell did recently.  Nor will you see anything linked ever from ABC on this blog or any of the others that I'm involved with as a result of this story and others will follow should other similar tales be told in the coming days and weeks .


And now she wants the fucking state to pay her gosh damn legal bills!!

What audacity. To wrap this up, here's my personal message to her that hopefully she can find and read by Googling herself on the laptop in her cell that they probably hand out in prison nowadays to each "poor wittle pwisoner".   And, it is this:

YOU Rot in hell lady... and may God above rest the soul of the poor, adorable little innocent child you murdered so you could go back to your partying lifestyle, you  ^&$%$#$  SKANK.
FOXNews.com -: "New evidence was released Thursday in the Casey Anthony murder case, including the amount of money she received from a television network, as well as conversations she had with other inmates.

Anthony's defense team told Judge Stan Strickland that she no longer has funds to pay for the trial. Her attorney testified ABC News paid Casey Anthony $200,000, but that those funds are now gone.

Strickland is deciding whether to approve the declaration of Anthony being indigent, which would make the state pay for her defense.

A transcript of conversations Anthony had with a fellow inmate was also released, stating that 'an Orange County Corrections officer may have facilitated the communication once the friendship had begun.'

Casey Anthony remains jailed on a charge of first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee, who was last seen in June of 2008. Caylee was not reported missing until a month later. The little girl's remains were found in a wooded area near the family's home on December 11, 2008. Investigators say the toddler's body was found with duct tape over her mouth.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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