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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Dictators - Photo Essays - TIME Gone MAD

Yes you read that correct, I saw this today in Time and can't believe that someone at that place actually thinks this below is a good idea and cute. Dressing up their baby as different dictators and giving this freaking thing a 9 page photo essay on the website and magazine !

Can you believe this ? Why dictators? I don't know about you folks out there, but nothing to me says "cute" than dressing up a baby in the uniforms of dictators who, while on this earth, were collectively responsible for about 250 to 500  brutal, torturous deaths of their own people nonetheless!!

Before you say "I'm nuts" remember the worldwide uproar when a Palestinian dressed HIS baby as a suicide bomber do you? I sure as hell do and here it is...

How cute huh !! Dumb asses. Can someone tell me the difference? Suicide Bomber baby or Dictator Killer Baby? There is none, in fact I would say this is worse.

This here is the first one in the spread done some Eurotrash noted at the bottom of the post, little baby Josef Stalin, personally responsible for 23,000,000 million freaking murders. (the purges plus Ukraine's famine) Cute isn't it?

The second cute little baby dictator killer? A wrong color Idi Amin, the Raid on Entebbe guy for those unfamiliar. He was from Uganda, and was personally responsible for about 300,000 deaths in10 years between 1969-1979 Swell!!

Now on to number 3, a baby Augusto Pinochet, who was the leader of Chile' for only one year, '73  who was responsible for 3000 deaths, about 10 a day, so this baby isn't quite  as cute as the other baby killer dictators due to the low number of slaughters. But, he's stylin' alright in that nice Chilean military  garb isn't he? lol.

I do believe you're getting the picture by now, there's three more there if you want to go there and see tfor yourself that "nowhere in this photo essay as they call it do they provide any of the vital information  telling their less informed readers about who they were and what they were best known for.

Tthat of course would be the slaughtering of their own people whenever they got the urge for the smell of blood in the streets.. Swell.

This mag was once my favorite as my dad's best friend worked there in the 70's in New York and brought us all kinds of cool posters and stuff I remember well as a college student and beyond . I dumped the mag while  GW Bush was president  for starting all the Haditha bullshit.  Turned out that was all lies  I'm sure you remember.

Then, I let my dog use it for a dumping spot til the subscription ran out. His name was pistol and he wouldn't even piss on it much less take a dump... (just kiddin lol).
Danish-Norwegian artist Nina Maria Kleivan explores the definition of evil in her photo series entitled 'Potency'. In order to make the series, she photographed her months-old daughter Faustina dressed in the iconic garb of infamous dictators both past and present"


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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