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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RNC Staffer Fired Over 'Bondage Club' Tab Had Been Warned Ahead of Time

RNC Staffer Fired Over 'Bondage Club' Tab Had Been Warned Ahead of Time:

FILE: Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele (AP) Falsely accused of
late night booty call on the RNC dime, but turns out a lackey is responsible for the Slick Willie-like Slip Up.

FOXNews.com - "The Republican National Committee staffer who was fired Monday for coordinating the use of donor money to pay the $2,000 tab at a California strip club was warned ahead of time that the party would not cover such expenses, the RNC chief of staff said in a letter to members.

Hotline On Call reported Tuesday that the staff member is Allison Meyers, former director of the RNC's 'Young Eagles' program.

The bill for a trip to the Voyeur West Hollywood -- a bondage-themed nightclub where topless dancers imitate lesbian sex -- showed up on a monthly disclosure report to the Federal Election Commission.

RNC Chief of Staff Ken McKay wrote in a letter Tuesday that the donor who was reimbursed for the expense, Erik Brown, has 'verbally agreed' to repay the money to the national party.

But it was the RNC staff member who submitted the original request for the reimbursement who got in trouble with the RNC."
This reminds me of a story when I was in college, a buddy of mine, my best friend, name was Bob, calls me up one night at like midnight and says to me "I got some dough this weekend lets go to the "Candy Club" downtown and check it out man" which was an olden days stripper joynt here on Rush Street, and this is like back in 1985, sophomore summer college days..

We go inside and the usual crap that goes on in these places is goin' on, and in a little dirtier form than these so called "gentleman's clubs" are like today, they're a click up from Hooter's but not the Mustang ranch, alright? Well they used to be like the Mustang ranch here, just not advertising the full menu if you know what I mean...

So anyhow I turn down the offerings as I don't pay for that, never did, never will. But my dumb and horny buddy wasn't as lucky with the ladies took the bait and ended up getting screwed alright, out of about $500 on his credit card for what Slick Willie was getting for nuttin' under  his desk in the oral office...(impeachment aside, didn't mean nothing to him or his supporters)

Here's an old photoshop while on the subject,  it's one of my original one's of "Slick's Oral Office"

The way it happened was it was supposed to be up in "Porky's Pen" per se (remember that scene from the movie Porkey's?)  and ended up being "nothing" in the wide open "Seinfeld booth" with the whole club staring at ya! Even if I did consider it I can't and don't do that stuff for public view thank you, not then nor now.... we made a helluva scene on the way out the door kicking over chairs and such, and might of ended up dead in the back alley if we couldn't run as fast as we did once we got out the door.

Anyhow, we're halfway home and Bob's all pissed off and I'm laughing at him, it's like 3 am and we're winging down the Kennedy headed back to "the burbs"  and this idiot THEN tells me the credit card was his dad's business AMX if you can believe that crap!!! I was rolling because his head was gonna roll when teh Wells Lamont Accounting Department got that bill, so he HAD to tell the old man he wasn't too forgiving..

The rest of the story ends up about what you would think happened Bob. (the a - hole ultimately blamed it on me somehow his parents buy that crap!! And his parents already hated me anyways, and that was that for the Bob and Ray show).

After living about 20 more years doing that kind of crap, he's dead now, although we did some pretty dumb shit together, it was fun and I miss him.

So the point of my story? Even these morons in the RNC are pulling crap we were doing back in high school and college in the shape this party is in at the national level with Barack Jr running the show into the ground, and these idiots want us to donate money?

F THAT, in fact I did a post on that last fall when they came looking for money, and I sent them a "Chicago Ray GOP Reform Manifesto" of things they would have to do in order to get me to send them a flipping dime.

Good thing, as this numbnut who just had the shortest career ever in politics would'a wasted it, and too bad, as he fits right in with all the other scum and would make a great DNC head..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I don't donate to them either!  Steele wastes too much money on his fancy dinners, private jets, and the like.
    Not acceptableto me at all.

  2. If and when I do it's to the candidate anyways. I don't know anyone who would send their money to the RNC nowadays, I don't even think these two party organizations are going to be relevent after these next 2 elections...


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