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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Fake" Nevada Tea Party Senate candidate to be arrested

It sounds like the "fake tea partier" known mostly to internet junkies and local Nevada residents will be carted off to jail and won't be getting in the way of making sure "Dingy Harry" isn't re elected by "splitting" the vote as many contend this moron was in the race to do.

I say "moron", because anyone injecting themselves into a national attention grabbing race like this would make sure there aren't any "open warrants" out for their arrest. Moron. The National  group "Tea Party  Express" has an ad out disowning this impostor so it's a safe bet he's not there for what he "says" he is. (he contrarily says 'tea party express' itself is a joke, but I'll go with them on this one)

Laura Ingraham's "Need to Know": "The Las Vegas ABC affiliate reported Tuesday that Tea Party candidate Scott Ashjian might soon go to jail. KTNV.com says the Clark County District Attorney's office filed for an arrest warrant for Ashjian, who is running for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Senate seat in the coming mid-term elections.

ABC says that Ashjian lost his contractor's license last week when he failed to appear for a hearing.

The district attorney's office then filed charges of felony theft against him, the news report said.

The report also says that the attorney general claims Asjian wrote a bad check for $5,000 to a businessman in December.

Legal challenges were also raised last week over Ashjian's bid as a Nevada Tea Party candidate.

The Independent American Party and the group Anger is Brewing, an affiliate of the national tea party movement, say they will file a lawsuit in Carson City claiming Ashjian filed as a candidate before registering to vote as a Nevada Tea Party member. Tim Fasano, a Senate candidate with the Independent American Party, argues Ashjian violated the oath on his declaration of candidacy by claiming to be a Nevada Tea Party member."


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  1. Just linked you on this. The Tea Parties are the best thing to happen to this country - perhaps, since the Founders. :)

  2. Thank you ma'am and they are, that's why we're out here doing all this for practically nothing but love of country, it's a way at least each day to get involved with other like minded folks without leaving the house until the call comes to protest. We're not used to this crap on this side and it's time for the Silent majority to start making the same noise the other people have been doing. ;)

  3. Itis, and hopefully any others getting the idea to hijack the Tea Party had better think again.


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