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Monday, March 22, 2010

Boehner: 'Shame on Us' -More Like "Shame On Them"

I dunno why he's including himself in this group that ran ramshod over the majority, albeit not a HUGE one but one nonetheless who want nothing to do with this. I can't believe so many think this is free somehow, I really can't, but then it's easy to be for it if you're still in school or are sitting at home unemployed since that covers 60% of the Obama liberal tribe, so  it won't be their paychecks the taxes come out of to pay for it.

Rest assured they'll STILL be the ones to utilize it the most. We'll start running a pool here in around June to see how the ER's are being flooded with people already looking for free stuff having no idea how this  bill even works or pans out. Guaranteed.

All they hear is "free healthcare" and they're already "makin' a new run for the border, swimming the Gulf from Cuba and every other Juan, Deter and Muhammad is gonna be lined up at embassies all around the world to "Come to america for more free shit". And we born and bred Americans will be making our appts 3 months ahead of time,  running standby in case some illegal doesn't show up for his liposuction because he's locked up down the road for a drunken vehicular manslaughter.

All I can keep doing is shaking my head saying is WTF?

I just spent the past 12 hours watching some of the most corrupt crap I ever seen nor learned through kindergarten through 4 years of college and 4 or 5 years of blogging now about making laws. They left all this out, that's for sure.  And I'm talking about South American political history.

It's never looked like this here until we became a banana republic,  and tonight made it official with some lady I wouldn't even let cook me dinner she's such a nut. If seeing her 2 heartbeats away from the captains log makes me wanna puke.

Boehner: 'Shame on Us'

House minority leader blasts political process; begs members to vote against health care reform"

Boehner: 'Shame on Us' - Video - FoxNews.com: "March 22, 2010


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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