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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nancy And The "Gang" Leaving the Scene of The Heist (photoshop)

Remember this photo up above when we're bankrupt that they were so freaking happy  while throwing America's un aborted children to the wolves for the next 100 years with 13 trillion dollars of debt and OVER $100 trillion of unfunded  nanny state liabilities going out to the future. Further than the space station us from earth in miles!
 The copper looking pile is only a trillion pennies.....  
Show this to your kids before bed tonight and tell them this is why they go to school, to pay for healthcare for those who won't get it themselves and because daddy's and mommy's who are lawyers and liberals too are fucking us all blind .....

"Goodnight susie and johnny you have a long day tomorrow...and the tomorrow after that and tomorrow after that and the ............"

If we don't get control of these people by the end of the week before they hand more of the country to Mexico we'd better learn Arabic and Chinese along with Spanish we already unnecessarily know just so we can order a gosh damn BIG MAC in our own neighborhoods our parents and grandparents built.

This will be like having two social security taxes coming out of your checks before anything happens. Gas goes up, country is really screwed. Delusional isn't even the word of these people as reality left the left side of that building while the democrats burned the constitution tonight, America.

This below is the GOP website tonight at 10pm cdt being flooded with donations, and know this for a fact as I sent them some of my own dough earlier, and I'm an independent. Then about an hour later, this  is what was there after Michael Steele and Tom Delay got on Fox and Bill Cunningham to start talking  about FIRING NANCY PELOSI first order of business.

This woman has to be defeated or impeached which be easier than de-electing her in that freakzone she calls her district. We should force that country to secede from the Union until she resigns from office.
Pelosi heckled while leading Dems to Capitol - Yahoo! News: "WASHINGTON – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Democrats are voting on the historic health care overhaul as a gesture for the American people.

But as Pelosi emerged from the final caucus meeting before the historic vote, protesters chanted her name and shouted to 'kill the bill.'

Pelosi led her caucus across the street to the Capitol with a gavel in one hand and the other on the arm of Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, who had been harassed by protesters on Saturday.

Even as they headed into the heated atmosphere of the House chamber, Democrats were scrambling to line up the last of 216 votes required to pass the bill. Some of the holdouts remained concerned that the legislation would permit federal money to be use for elective abortions."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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