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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Black Dems Claim Racial Epithets Thrown Their Way At Protests (yea where's the videos?)

In this day and age they're going to tell us that they were being attacked vebally  (I believe falsely)  as they claim racial epithets are hurled their way, and yet not one single piece of audio or video tape to back up their bullshit claims. In a year's time of Tea Party protests the loons and minorities have made these false claims over and over, and there's not a single piece of proof ever of this. Not a one.

Listen for yourself as a tape emerges around 12 am Sunday and not a single curse word or swear word can be heard, just like I said it would be in the earlier portion of the post. Liars..

Below posted before the above video became available on youtube around,
again midnight Saturday Sun am

And if there was it's one or two idiots who aren't even there for the issue, they're just exploiting the gathering to act like a**holes. 95% of the people at most Tea Party events are the kind of people who don't even swear and that's the truth.  Just like the one or two far left fringe elements that you see at their things burning flags and breaking windows and all that anarchist crap, that's why in this blog I always make a distinction between the left and the far left loons.

Here's the kind of folks I've met through the past year in this movement. All nice, articulate patriots who are just looking out for what's theirs.:

But these same accusations were pulled during the election you may recall, when they claimed someone shouted out "kill him" or some equally incendiary comment at Obama and again not a single piece of tape, and then one emerged which proved the contrary, and it was all a lie and just one idiot out in the crowd.."Not a tribe of skinheads" like the media and left portrayed it.

They'd be run out of the park just like t"he Blues Bros drove em off the bridge in Skokie" if they did show up at a Tea Party rally.

So there's never any tape, not a freaking one. Not a single picture either,  as it seems to me anyone willing  and dumb enough to let racial epithets fly out in the open air in a place where they don't know anyone would be ignorant enough to carrying signs that say the same thing, no? Real racists don't hide from no one, they want you to know who they are.  See any here in the only picture MSNBC provided of the rally in this story?

I sure as hell don't.  I see plenty of patriots, "kill the bill" references, lots of flags and none are burning,  perhaps they're so stupid they may think the "Kill the Bill" reference meant someone else? Who knows.

I see lots and lots of camera's and news people, so where's all the tapes? No interviews?Remember the CNN lady who stirred up crap last summer here in Chicago? They air it when they find it  because that's exactly what they're there for. Looking to humiliate the right any way they can.

Nowadays there are videos of bumblebees having sex, martians doing the moonwalk and just about every other damn thing you can imagine, as even the devil has a freaking blackberry nowadays! But none of these people with ALL THESE REPORTERS around, just about every person on welfare has a cell phone,  and again, not one tape of a single utterance of anything racial whatsoever.

And none exist because if they or someone had one they'd pay good money for it and then  we'd be seeing it  looping over and over on the networks all weekend,  with all that's at stake. Bet on it.

With the left it's "When all else fails cry racism". In fact so much so that  they've rendered the word absolutely meaningless as far as I'm concerned,  as they're nothing but desperate liars. 

Someone even claims they heard the " N word"  not once.... not twice ......not 19 times, but exactly "15 times they counted" as they said . 

Yea right, what a crock. Just read the bald assed lies in this AP planted piece.  These liberals will do ANYTHING to get their way and the media is atrocious for lighting the fuse of racial animosity, just like spoiled bratty children who desperately need an "old fashioned 1950's era ass whooping"  with a nice thick "Ward Cleaver style" leather belt

Just  like parents used to do back in the day when they actually "were" parents instead of "family buddies".  And, most children behaved,  if only because they didn't want that belt ever again for nothing after that first one. 
Ugly build-up to House health care vote 
Demonstrators hurl N-word, spit at black members of Congress 

WASHINGTON - House Democrats heard it all Saturday — words of inspiration from President Barack Obama and raucous chants of protests from demonstrators. And at times it was flat-out ugly, including some racial epithets aimed at black members of Congress.

Most of the day's important work leading up to Sunday's historic vote on health care was being done behind closed doors. Democratic leaders cajoled, bargained and did what they needed to nail down the votes they will need to finally push Obama's health care overhaul bill through the House.

But much else about the day was noisy, emotional and right out in the open. After more than a year debating the capstone of Obama's domestic agenda and just hours to go before the showdown vote, there was little holding back.

The tone was set outside the Capitol. Clogging the sidewalks and streets of Capitol Hill  were at least hundreds — no official estimate was yet available — of loud, furious protesters, many of them tea party opponents of the health care overhaul.

Rallies outside the Capitol are typically orderly, with speeches and well-behaved crowds. Saturday's was different, with anger-fueled demonstrators surrounding members of Congress who walked by, yelling at them.
"Kill the bill," the largely middle-aged crowd shouted, surging toward lawmakers who crossed the street between their office buildings and the Capitol.

'N-word' 15 times

The motorcade that carried Obama to Capitol Hill to whip up support for the bill drove past crowds waving signs that read "Stop the spending" and "Get your hands out of my pocketbook and health care." Many booed and thrust their thumbs down as Obama rode by.

As police held demonstrators back to clear areas for lawmakers outside the Capitol Obama's speech, some protesters jeered and chanted at the officers, "You work for us."   continued

And they do work for us,  you moronic fu**s.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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