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Monday, March 29, 2010

6 TEENS INDICTED Over CYBER BULLYING: DA investigating Phoebe Prince suicide to make announcement today

It's now been upgraded to nine teens and I say as you'll see below "the more the merrier" in this case of bullying a girl to death. I don't care how young they are, they're savages, send them ALL TO PRISON to rot. The worst thing we ever did as kids was smoke a little too much pot on the weekends.

Nothing like this shit, ever. In fact I went to school with Marlee Matlin, the deaf actress and no one ever f"*****d with her or any other disadvantaged kids, not that she was, she was popular then.

Our school, John Hersey in Arlington Heights IL had the best programs for the hard of hearing in the country at that time.

The original post as is follows here, I updated it to reflect three more indictments than the expected six.

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In fact my friends and I beat the crap out of people who teased other kids for any reason and that's the truth. I'd still do it today although now " I'm physically disabled", so I settle for doing it this way until I can walk again like before,  so for now I take it even more personally.

These indictments just came down and it's not even on the web yet..I was writing about a US girl over the weekend from New Jersey, Alexis Pinkelton, who also fell victim to cyberbulling and hung herself and is still enduring the wrath of the scum up there.

The case below however is the outcome thus far of the death investigation of yet another victim of Facebook Bullying and her name was Phoebe Prince, and her case from a month ago has sparked worldwide outrage and emenates from Ireland.

I've been writing about both since they happened, and really cut loose on these kids who attacked Phoebe, as well as Alexis Pinkington written about over the weekend, as the poor girl who committed suicide after literally being "Facebook bullied" to death, and was being still trashed in her death, if you can believe that and that's when I started going nuts over this . Read it here if you wish....

(AP) Mourners gather outside the funeral for 17-year-old Alexis Pilkington Thursday March 25, 2010

As for these 6 kids, I hope these idiots are ultimately charged, found guilty and then imprisoned at least for a couple months for their heinous and beyond thoughtless behavior as a message desperately needs to be sent, and it's not being done in the homes with obvious absentee parenting going on.

I even see the obvious cliquishness of Facebook and while adults just shrug it all off children can't and if it's all about the children like all these wayward adults claim, then if your child is participating in stuff like this, your failing at your job and since you can't handle it let the state do it.

This has happened a couple times to young girls and I'm sure some boys as well, and if it takes banning kids from Facebook altogether, then do it. No one needs it anyways, especially if this is all it's causing and just one life lost is too many. Just being picked on at your school is bad enough, to have the whole web loser universe join in, that's too much for some adults.

Kids are JUST TOO DAMN FRAGILE for all this web sensory stuff that's being thrown in their laps by lowlife adults trying to do nothing for them but make money off of them. Just look at this beautiful young girl, if she just would have made it through high school college men would have been swarming around her like bees.

Instead she's dead over some football player kid at her school, and I was once there like all of us were, and this just breaks my hardened heart.
DA investigating Phoebe Prince suicide to make announcement today

Irish News | IrishCentral: "Two and a half months after the suicide of young Irish girl Phoebe Prince, the District Attorney's office in South Hadley has concluded its criminal investigation and will announce its findings today (Monday.)

It is believed Prince took her own life (she was found hanging in her room in South Hadley home in January by her younger sister) after a tirade of bullying from a group of girls at school and via cyberspace, mainly through Facebook and text messages.

Neighbors are seeking justice.

“There needs to be some punishment for those kids (who bullied Prince). They need to be held accountable,” said Jeannine O'Brien, a South Hadley mother.

Mitch Brouillard, another South Hadley parent echoed that theme.

“If nothing is done, nothing will change. Everybody is crying out for justice and resolution.”

Sometime alter today, Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth D. Scheibel, is expected to announce their findings into the probe of Prince's death."  Irish News | IrishCentral


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  1. I hope the girl's sue Facebook.  They are just as guilty of this girl's death.

  2. I agree, these things exploit these children and then when it all goes south they're nowhere to be found. I hope each of these kids go to some sort of jail or at least expelled from school so they're permanent records are fu&&&ed and they can't get in a good college, thats how serious I am about this crap. They ruined the life of a girl and her family so theirs should be ruined as well. :(


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