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Saturday, March 27, 2010

NY town angry over Net TROLL's slurs at suicide victim / Junior Liberals Without a Doubt

What kind of parents bring up children who do this kind of stuff to people they don't even know who are grieving the loss of a loved one by going into their online obituary and randomly slamming a girl who was egged into suicide by filthy heartless trolls while generally acting like "heartless, brainless, living, breathing, walking shit".

I hate internet trolls so much I delete all liberal comments because 99% are derogatory in some fashion. Who needs that shit? Their kids are the ones who do this stuff.

It's amazingly sad what people use this wonderful technology for and if they just used it half the time for some of the good things it was intended to do, imagine what a better place the world would be. Just being civil is something that parents and schools in some areas of our society don't seem to be teaching too well.

NY town angry over Net slurs at suicide victim:

My Way News - "WEST ISLIP, N.Y. (AP) - A community reeling from the suicide of a popular high school senior turned its sorrow to outrage Friday over a practice known as 'trolling,' in which derogatory, hurtful comments are posted online against a person.

In this instance, a tribute site created for Alexis Pilkington, 17, of West Islip High School was the target of insulting messages after her death.

'I think it's horrible. It's vicious. It's cruel. It upsets me as a parent,' Lorraine Kolar said as she left a memorial service Thursday for Pilkington.

Classmates, relatives and friends were incensed over what they called creepy, insensitive messages about Pilkington, many posted anonymously and also appearing on other Internet sites since her death.

(AP) Mourners gather outside the funeral for 17-year-old Alexis Pilkington Thursday March 25, 2010
'It's a disgrace,' said Cathi Musemeci, a close friend of the family. 'I think it's horrible. Let the girl die in peace.'

'Trolling is part of the dark side of cyberspace,' said Anne Collier, co-director of the Salt Lake City-based Connectsafely.org, a forum about safety issues on the Internet and social Web sites.

'It's not necessarily tied to any school activity,' she said. 'It's quite anonymous and random and is usually seen as aggressive, egregious cruelty on the Internet. The people who sit behind computers and do this are known as trolls.'

Pilkington received harassing Internet messages even before she killed herself last Sunday. Her parents and other relatives insist she had been troubled for some time. They don't believe the messages were a major factor in her death.

'It had nothing to do with that,' said Musemeci. 'Lexi was in a lot of pain. She was hurting.'"

To do this to a grieving family who's kid just committed suicide is so far below low, if it happened in my city I'd move. And I've moved out of Chicago proper for those kind of reasons and I don't even have kids although my siblings do and locally, yet I'm getting ready to flee the suburbs too because of the collapsing society around here the further you get from the northshore..

The kids and whoever did this are the children of the adults who do it all over the conservative blogs, and they no doubt learn it being trained by their radical P's to stir up shit on the internet, and I'd be willing to bet my beloved citizenship on it.

We've all deleted their comments saying "that sounded like a 12 year old"...that's because sometimes it is. A real problem is no matter how funny it sounds is that being an liberal activist appeals to "children", mostly because they see their "role models" burning shit, breaking things, skipping school to protest for this and that while growing up ...stuff kids love to do because they don't know the ramifications yet of being labeled a felon their entire lives.

(Remember Growing Pains, those are the kind of  parents I'm talking about, and I'm Alex with an attitude, all the children they raise are like Mallory )   

...using foul language, no respect for authority unless the authority is them, you know the drill. They're to blame. Remember the first time this happened the parent was the one who organized it all, remember that? We can see nothing's changed and now more children are dead.

The internet is too RAW for kids and that's that.

We should almost have a kids only internet but then all the sicko's will jerk off to that instead. That's why once they're caught death row. You can't fix child molesters no matter what liberals say. They just wanna make the money treating these sick fu**s I guarantee you that's all it is


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. There are a lot of stupid people out there.  Used to, they were nothing more than an irritating rash to their neighborhood or stretch of country road.  Now the internet enables their worldwide infestation.

    Did you see where some kid beat another half to death over an incident like this?  Some tard made a comment about a kid who had just died and the brother tracker her down and beat the dog out of her.

    I blame the parents.  There really should be a test...

  2. Yo be exactly right man! The parents are the front line and when one is missing right off the bat and its usually "Dad" that's what happens. not always but more often.

    Question do you like this commenting bettert than intense debate or no or no  preference if you even get this.? Interested in your opinion Kurt :)

  3. How funny Ray, you want parents to act like Parents.  It will never happen, their little one is never wrong, never bad.  How dare you accuse Junior!

    We expect these people to not only have manners, but to teach it to their children.  How quaint and racist of you!  Bad behavior is <span>not</span> the fault of the person, but of society.

    When I was in High School oh those many years ago, one of the "popular" girls died in a car accident.  She was popular with teacchers, friendly to the "in-crowd", but a true bitch to everyone else.  I was not popular (not blond, not ultra thin, too bright.  I was instead one of the toughest kids in the school [if you can't be loved, be feared!].  Yet at no time did I go to her parents or friends and say hurtful things that they would hear (If you can't say any thing nice...).  It was the right thing to do.  In private we vented our glee (Karma is a bitch you know!) to each other, but never to her family.

    I bring this up (Sorry for the long rant.) to explain to your younger readers that in the past we, your parents, did have to face things too.  Only we were raised (at least I was.) with a strict moral code of behavior and manners.

  4. Yes Ma'am so was I...yes sir no sir please thank you etc etc. may I hold the door open for you ma'am all that crap!

    I was brought up in the same manner along with most of us I guess, right up until parents started getting divorced, and that's about the time the black community imploded as fathers weren't like "James Evans" anymore they became "George Jefferson" without the money and the job and a crack house instead of a penthouse.

    ANd the reason I bring that up is because that's when society as a whole and with good intention but bad results,  to "make them feel better about themselves, started gutterizing and ghetto stamping television" with misleading shows and turning blacks into JJ......(even the 2 parent actors, Amos and ESther Rolle said this too) and lowering the bar of education so the dumb asses of all colors didn't feel stupid, and all that crap!!!There's as many dumb ass white people as blacks and the white people have NO excuses except now it's almost illegal being white because of something people did 200 years ago and Obama's the reparation man come to claim the check.

    Ward Cleaver would be doing time today for being too strict and June would be murdered by her kids today since when dad went to prison they found the family safe and knockedher off because she wouldn't give them the key. that would be an episode of Leave it to beaver today!!!!.....lolo

  5. My kids had a principal that told me there was nothing wrong with a spanking if needed.  A good old spanking, not with the belt, a spoon, branch.  Just your hand on the butt.  I can't count how many times my brother, sister and I got whooped.  But, it kept us out of trouble!  (Of course I don't know what my butt looked like after a whooping.  I'm sure it was pretty red and it stung!!!)

  6. My parents never hit me or my brother with a belt or anything but my dad was like me or visa versa I guess and just would find something and break it and let you know he was pissed off and we never did it again...Mother that's different. She had a wooden spoon she pulled out a couple times..We didn't act up too much as kids, we were always outside playing and doin kid things although we had tons of toys...all the kids we were around we're all happy and fun and the parents were all pretty cool as I remember. No weirdo's or any of that. Not like today at all.

    After growing up all over the east coast I never had a friend that was GAY or even acted Gay and or one that committed suicide, not a one. This is all TV driven and kids attacking other kids isn't new but having the shit broadcast all over the world seems pretty traumatic for the young girls and if my children were getting this shit I'd move. Parents need to say too "why is my child being picked on" and try and get them through it and don't let them be all alone about it. People don't get involved in their kids freaking lives anymore.


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