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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Afghan war remains 'absolutely essential,' Obama says (the great Ozbama has spoken!)

 Why this war was deemed any more or less "necessary" or "essential" is beyond me, because the way I look at  it, any war a country engages in once boots are on the ground should become essential and it's number one focus period

Iraq, Afghanistan, whatever, they're both wars involving OUR men and women, and yet the liberals deemed one necessary because THEY said it is, while the Iraqi's even though their leader was an obvious threat nad we were in the neighborhood which doesn't happen too often and yet the Iraqi people were just "a waste of our time and a distraction not worth the effort" according to the left.

This is his speech to them earlier today in case you unfortunately missed it ....  lol, at least the troop part of it is nice to see the men and women get all juiced up their commander in chief showed up unannounced.

What other message did they send saying all that unneccesary war crap the spewed from day one onward?
So now that Obama's officially on the record as admitting we have a war against terrorists going on, which liberals til now have ignored and hoped would just go away on it's own, does this mean that the liberals will finally stfu when it comes to these terrorists to admit we're at war with these radical Muslims and to finally start supporting the troops AND THE WAR? If so it's about freaking time.

If they can't support that mission what will they support? Gay Lover's Night at The Officer's Club every saturday? Or the banning of "soap on a rope" so they gay servicemen and women don't get cheated of a view when the other soldiers accidentally drop their soap opening themselves to an unwanted sneak attack from the rear flank? Probably.....

I'm all for Obama when he visits the troops, until it turns into a photo op circus, and that goes for any politicians using troops as a campaign video footage, and before the left gets all excited that the troops love Obama, we can be sure the soldiers there are hand picked Obama supporters just like they were for Bush, and the ones who aren't don't wanna sleep in the brig for disrespecting the Commander in Chief, so this is what it is. 

Good to let them know that while he's destroying the country back home he's thinking about them while they are busting their asses nation building in Afghanistan, which Bush started as a war, and has now like Iraq morphed into hearts and minds crap and into a live training zone mostly with a live enemy to wipe out which has enormous benefits as they get practice fighting in hell on earth, yet getting the NATO and euro-trash to help is like pulling teeth from a toothless redneck. Even with the Messiah things in that department sure haven't changed much. 

But politics aside we continue to miss and pray for ALL their safe returns whenever the day comes they end this and call it a victory, which no one really knows what will signify that moment, when it actually comes.
Remember when Bush went to visit the troops under the dark of the night (which anyone not needing a full frontal labotomy would want the president to do when flying into a war zone) and they would moan and groan with asinine attacks and quips like this "beyond retarded" dumb ass and his totally serious comment I'll never forget: 

"our president is so hated around the world he has to fly in everywhere in the middle of the night under their radar"

DOH!!! It's a war zone you f'ng imbecile!! You may not believe it but I honestly caught that comment on a show and I've used it a hundred times on people so I remember it well. That's what many of the kids on the left think because they get their news from Jay Leno and that's not his fault. It's supposed to be comedy these people take it as reality!

That was when Bush first went to Iraq on Thanksgiving over the night, which freaked soldiers and Americans out of their shorts that morning, as it hadn't been done before in our lifetimes, meaning " a president appearing live in a war zone". Can you believe we actually have people like that walking around and thinking their OK and we're supposed to be the "frightening dumb fuc*s....!!!" God please please help us help them help themselves on that side..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. The great Ozbama...I like that!

  2. That comes from some of my photoshops and I used it on this one for the obamacare logo they should be using ...

  3. you gotta click it to read the fine print around the top  ;)


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