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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kirk Wins GOP Primary for U.S. Senate | NBC Chicago

First let me say I'm ashamed as an Illinoisan for the flaccid voter turnout in such an important election after 2 consecutive choices ended up in prison which was all of our faults for putting them there in the first place.

I happen to have proudly voted for Patrick Hughes myself, although I've voted for Kirk in the past and knew he would win, it was a message vote I guess that he better "Un RINO" soon. 

And it looks like we'll be voting for him again only for senator this time, as he won the primary last night and will face a local liberal dem banker, who's family run bank is presently under all kinds of black clouds of failure, showing again Illinois liberal idiocy when it comes to electing politicians.

They're starting to pick em even while they're possibly headed to jail along with the ones already headed there (Hot Rod Blagojevich), as their candidate may be by the time November comes, solidifying the old seat of Obama that he barely sat in long enough to stretch the leather before half the country fell under his ridiculous spell in Kirk's favor most likely which is better than a democrat taking the seat.

Another great victory for average Chicagoan's was seeing dem patronage Crook County Board joke Todd Stroger knocked off the dem ballot, who got the job while his old man who had it was laid up in the hospital bearing his name dying for the most part, prompting me at the time to fashion this photoshop at the time. 

It mocks Weekend At Bernies and the fact that they went up to the hospital to get the old man to sign all the paperwork for the seat hand me down while he was practically comotose......(btw Father in the middle and son Todd on the right)

In addition, my vote for governor was former state senator Kirk Dillard, who worked under the last guy who was governor who didn't end up indicted and later jail, R star Jim Edgar, and at bedtime he was down by only one percent of the GOP vote with Brady.

We'll have to see what pans out there as far as recount situation if there even is one which I've not heard anything about as it was too close to call on both sides being seperated by only 1500 votes...That's when your vote counts if you're a conservative more than ever around here, in the primaries.

Woulda been 1499 without my vote.

Click pic for all Illinois results from the Tribune.
Kirk Wins GOP Primary for U.S. Senate 

NBC Chicago: "Rep. Mark Kirk on Tuesday took a big step to moving across the hall at the U.S. Capitol and becoming the next senator from Illinois.

With 84.65 percent of precincts reporting, Kirk has captured 61 percent of the vote, beating out five other Republican opponents: John Arrington, Don Lowery, Andy Martin, Kathleen Thomas and Patrick Hughes.

'This election means we will not surrender to [the Democrats'] dangerous cynicism of low expectations,' said Kirk in his acceptance speech.

His Democratic opponent in November's general election will be Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, who wrapped up the democratic nomination." continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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