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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First lady to call for united effort to fight childhood obesity - (More Government Waste Studying The Obvious)

I know they wanna keep Michelle busy seeing she's a high falootin' Ivy League lawyer type, but do we need to spend 50 million dollars for her little obesity initiative to send fat Americans a message that mostly consists of 4 freaking words..... count em..FOUR......

All that's going in the guy, imagine what comes out of him!! He needs his own water treatment plant and zip code.....

And hopefully she's gonna be dropping a few herself since she's so concerned about the rest of us.. How much you wanna bet she gets fatter and fatter while partying away at the white house each week. Anyone? Is she gonna weigh herself in every week after Obama's radio address?

I don't think so.

This will give us all something to keep an eye on over there at 1600 and 1/2 Pennsylvania Avenue besides Barry and the Commie Boobs  (the half is Michelle's Booty btw) which I'm sure is part of the plan, the old Obama razzle dazzle. Keep your eye on the birdie.

 This picture right here is so "Obama -tonian" as these dems all sitting around congratulating each others for wasting our tax dollars trying to legislate GOSH DAMN COMMON SENSE isn't it?

I listened to the entire thing and it was pretty torturous, trust me.

They had an hours long press conference and the whole 29 yards for this "War On Fat Asses",  which makes me wanna  scream,  as they do these things trying to legislate and propagandize common sense into people that most of us learned by watching freaking Ray Rayner and Romper Room....

Ya know? Like "eat the right foods gosh dammit"...What grade??  If you're out there and not a child, yet need Michelle to get you to move your ass? God help you.

Here's a hint.....Stop the Big Mac and Whopper fest and the pounds drop off all by themselves, you don't even have to exercise!  And take it from me, because I just lost 60 lbs myself IN THREE MONTHS,  going from 260 to 200 after spending 2 years in a wheelchair from Multiple Sclerosis complications, and all I did was stop eating like a fat, lazy American sow and that's the GOD honest truth.

You kind of have, to since you don't get much exercise in a 'chair, so cutting caloric intake is the only way it took a bit too long to figure out, like a couple pant and shirt sizes too long..

The best thing was I didn't barely have to lift a finger, although I must admit being able to walk again even a little helps burn those calories too.  So I did exercise a bit, but nothing extraordinary obviously,  and not surprisingly it was a pleasure to do.  And if I could do it anyone can.

I love eating and sitting on my ass as much as anyone else, but there comes a time too much is too much. Like when it gets to this point perhaps?

There's the carbon footprint of a small continent right here.  There's where all the Haiti relief is going...
First lady to call for united effort to fight childhood obesity

CNN.com: "Washington (CNN) -- Michelle Obama is telling America that it's time to get moving.

In a news conference set for noon Tuesday at the White House, the first lady will introduce a national effort to combat childhood obesity.

Calling it The Let's Move campaign, the program will focus on what families, communities and the public and private sectors can do to help fight childhood obesity, which she and health experts have termed an epidemic in the United States The campaign will focus on taking steps to reduce childhood obesity within a generation.

Mayors, doctors, members of the Cabinet, and leaders in sports, entertainment and business are expected to join the first lady.

President Obama signed a memorandum Tuesday morning establishing a federal task force to tackle childhood obesity, calling it 'one of the most urgent health issues that we face in this country.'"  continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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