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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ex-girlfriend: Cohen not fit to hold public office (Perfect Dem Choice!)

What exactly seems to be the problem here? All of a sudden liberals have become concerned about ethics and a little bitch slapping with a knife? When did that start?


Clout St: Ex-girlfriend: Cohen not fit to hold public office: "The ex-girlfriend of embattled Democratic lieutenant governor nominee Scott Lee Cohen put out a statement through her lawyer this evening saying Cohen is not fit to hold public office.

Amanda Eneman, 29, issued the statement through Gloria Allred, a high-profile California attorney. Cohen, a pawnbroker, was accused of holding a knife to the throat of his then-girlfriend Eneman, a convicted prostitute, in October 2005. Charges were dismissed after Eneman failed to show up in court.

Allred said Eneman lived with Cohen for “about a year some four or five years ago.”" more
Can't be any worse than the past 2 Illinois governors now could he?

As far that goes and as I can see, Mr Cohen here meets and exceeds all the criteria as a far left liberal democrat. What's a "little knife to the throat" now and then, right? Heck everyone in Hollywood does it so why shouldn't the politicians? They think they're all royalty and celebrities so why shouldn't they act like them?

You couldn't dream up a more dysfunctional group of Americans than this dem led body in DC called congress, robbing us all dry, using the children as an excuse to pillage the financial landscape for the next century by moving their whacked nanny and papa state agenda.

I don't know about you all out there, but I'm damn tired of hearing Pelosi and Reid parroting  that "the American  people" this, "the American people" that, as it's all bull. We all know the majority has been telling them for over a year now that we don't want nor need any more liberal handouts in this great country.

And yet they still hear none of the dissent from we "piddly teabagger conservative Serfs." as they refer to non lunatic liberals.  Instead, they use their favorite homosexual phraseology and vernacular to demean us all, calling anyone who disagrees with their scorched America policies as racist teabaggers, and that's just for starters from these foul people.

These dems only listen to "we the people' when we're cowering in the corner like good little peasant constituents and their "anything goes anywhere anytime if it feels good" supporters.

In all seriousness though,  he's a businessman now who's entitled to run for office, and is less criminal on the face than anyone in congress for the most part at this moment in American history. He's a perfect candidate,

I'd vote for him if I were liberal, sure I would.   ;>) They should too!

In fact, he could be even better suited for the job than they think if he turns out to be a tax cheat too ,like the President's cabinet choices and countless others we haven't discovered yet.!

In fact he's more qualified as a self made businessman than Obama is to run the damn country.

Again, I don't know about you folks but nothing to me cries out "compassionate citizen of the year" than liberal democrat pawnbroker, ya know?  I'm sure he can feel our pain too! lol

I know I visit them Pawnshops every time I want to get raped financially on a family heirloom now and then, especially when I'm in a financial jam, from smoking and toking the rent money, or especially when I wanna unload my favorite electronic stuff that I stole on the weekends, right? 

Doesn't everyone? ;(   lolol


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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