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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Illinois laws for 2010 include "no texting while driving" among other dumb shit

Happy New Year Illinois as the lawbreaking lawmakers come up with three hundred new reasons to hate liberal big government and the people who are creating this sickening nanny state we live in today,  no longer the "Land Of Lincoln" it should be called "The Land Of Lawmaking Loons And Crazy Asses"

First off as the dumbing down of Americans reaches epic proportions as we now need a law to tell people not to text message while they're supposed to be looking at the gosh damn roads and hazards that pop up out of nowhere at high rates of speed while supposedly commanding an automobile.  A land where 10% of the people don't have legal drivers licenses and 100 % of those lowlifes also have no insurance, in a day when cars outprice the first homes built in the American housing boom after World War Two.

How about a law making it criminal to renege on campaign promises and make it easier to send politicians to prison for life along with term limits so we can get rid of the cockroaches every 2 years instead of allowing these crooks to "nest" in our halls of government for life like some kind of incurable disease?  Didn't see those interspersed with the 300 other likely unconstitutional laws that create more wealth for government than it's citizenry/

This is one from last year where the Auto Tags went from $80 a year to now $100 overnight. A 25% increase from the stroke of a pen of some politician who makes over 100,000 a year and doesn't have to worry about money ever again thanks to a brutally generous retirement plan regular old Americans don't have and couldn't afford if it were offered in the first place.

chicagotribune.com: "Take your thumbs off the keypad and put your hands on the wheel -- it's now illegal to text-message while driving.

A state law that takes effect Friday also bans checking e-mail, updating Facebook and Web surfing while driving, though using your phone's GPS is still OK.

'We want everyone to keep their attention on the roadway,' said Capt. Scott Compton, an Illinois State Police spokesman. 'Texting and cell phone use is a distraction that not only takes your eyes off the road, but often takes more than one hand to do.'

The texting ban is one of nearly 300 new laws taking effect with the new year, ranging from ethics reforms in the wake of ex- Gov. Rod Blagojevich's ouster to how credit card companies can market on college campuses.

But the new rule likely to affect people's daily lives the most is the law prohibiting drivers from sending or reading electronic messages on hand-held devices. Drivers can text only to report an emergency or if they put the vehicle in park or neutral while stopped in traffic or on the shoulder.

'It's a very good thing,' said Myra Wyatt, 42, of Lincoln Park. 'Just yesterday I was texting in rush-hour traffic, and this new law will definitely make me think twice.'"  continued

Well it may make her think twice, but that doesn't mean she'll still come up with the right answer the second time if she didn't the first.  Sp already it's a joke, another law the government won't enforce, like our borders, deporting illegal aliens, real important shit like that.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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