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Friday, January 1, 2010

Outraged Iraqis vow to charge Blackwater - (I say F**K them and the camel they rode in on)

I for one was elated to hear the charges against Blackwater contractors over in Iraq fighting a damn war by the way were finally dropped. This is what they're all in a huff about.

An Iraqi traffic policeman inspects a car destroyed by a Blackwater security detail in al-Nisoor Square in 
Baghdad, Iraq, in September 2007. A federal judge dismissed all charges Thursday against five 
Blackwater guards accused of killing unarmed Iraqi civilians in the crowded intersection.

How about we'll just consider it even for all we and mostly Americans in our Armed Forces have sacrificed in mostly blood and our replaceable treasure if Obama doesn't spend it all on bribes, that the oil rich and mostly thankless Iraqi's have done very little to replace now that we've restored their land to about as near to normalcy it's ever been in that back assward sand filled hellhole.

Pull the troops and contractors and let these people kill themselves till the 12th Imam comes home as far as I'm concerned at this late stage. After what happened to the contractors on that bridge in Fallujah ....

I could care less if some collateral damage was done to some wacky Iraqi's in the wrong place at the wrong time who probably cheering the death of these contractors above just like the animals in the picture, not to mention these people probably would have been tortured to death or flat out executed at some point by the former regime anyhow like the millions before them.

This fate is what they've mostly all been saved from along with the threat of Saddam And His Sons Ruling Iraq for a century are gone now, all FREE OF CHARGE FOR THE MOST PART COURTESY AMERICA< BRITAIN, POLAND, AUSTRALIA AND COUPLE OTHERS, A TRILLION PLUS DOLLARS and they want me to get all worked up over a wartime shooting while in the line of duty protecting the diplomats over there who were being murdered and beheaded before Blackwater came along?

They were hired to kill, and that's what they do during a war. I don't know about you but were my street in a war zone I would pack the donkeys and camels to move out of harms way. I guess that's our fault too, just like it was for the people In "Nawlin's"  who didn't have $50 to leave town but enough for crack hits and widescreen tv's, far too many who blew their government aid credit cards on prostitutes and drugs instead of housing and clothing ruining it for all the law abiding people displaced by the storm?

In this Blackwater and Iraq sitiuation the time has long come for a simple thank you  which would be fine.. ungrateful bastards. In fact, if their so called "Holy Warriors" didn't  regularly hide behind  all their women and children, this and most of the other very limited collateral war damage would simply not occur, with our precision weaponry and educated soldiers of today using them,  so it's their own fault for aligning themselves with the enemy amongst themselves during a war to free their nation.

Medieval Dumb asses.  I supported this all along and the time has come for our brave soldiers to come home declared the winners and liberators of Iraq not in 2011 but now.....let ALLAH sort em out from here on out. if he exists

Next time we can just drop a nuke from 20,000 feet being driven by a plane from somewhere deep in the Rocky Mountains is the lesson that should be taken from the Iraq war.

Don't send soldiers and mercenaries until you're ready to see them do what they're supposedly sent to do, and that's kill the enemy, not play nanny and papa to a bunch of sadly left behind products of Islam so they can strengthen themselves to take us out at a later date.
Outraged Iraqis vow to charge Blackwater

Conflict in Iraq- msnbc.com: "BAGHDAD - Iraqis seeking justice for 17 people shot dead at a Baghdad intersection responded with bitterness and outrage Friday at a U.S. judge's decision to throw out a case against a Blackwater security team accused in the killings." continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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