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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bears & Lions Face Off At Noon In the NFL's 2010 "Toilet Bowl"..

Bears beat Lions to finish season on upbeat note - "DETROIT -- The Bears and Lions played as if they had nothing to lose Sunday. And, in fact, they didn't as the two sub-.500 teams slugged it out in the season finale at Ford Field.

In the end, the Bears prevailed 37-23 behind four Jay Cutler touchdown passes to wind up with a 7-9 record, while the woeful Lions finished 2-14 in spite of a valiant effort against their NFC North rival.

At the conclusion of a monumentally disappointing season that saw the Bears miss the playoffs for the third straight season, only the future of embattled head coach Lovie Smith remains in doubt."   continued
Pretty much what I said before the game  ; ) Not as dumb as I sound  :)  Woo Wee, they beat the shittiest team in the NFL, just a notch or two below  them by the way.

Many of we Chicagoan's, particularly sports fans,  know "suck" when we see it, and this young team really sucked for the most part, not winning but one game on the road all season.... that is except for the mistake on the Potomac some missed November 2008 after many emphatic warnings to the contrary. But that's a horse of another color for another time (like tomorrow morning).

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I think most NFL fans would concur that these two teams, near the very bottom of the NFL heap right now, have a long way to go to become part of the NFL elite, most of whom will be mostly coasting today to save their best for the upcoming playoffs.  A maneuver I've always looked upon as "gipping" the fans, who tune in or even worse actually "go to the events"  expecting  pro teams to always field their best players, even the last weekend of the season.

For the Bears it'll be no different, as they haven't been fielding their best players all year because their best defensive players have spent most of the year injured starting from the first game. That's when star linebacker Brian Urlacher was knocked from the roster for the year added to by a litany of others along the way, decimating the team and leaving them left with what we'll see today.

And if they like their head coach Lovie Dovie Smith they'll win today against the hapless Detroit Lions, although it's hard seeing the CheapAssed McCaskeys, who own the Bears, eat 11 million dollars they mistakenly paid this man after their freak super bowl appearance a few years back by firing him now, although we can at least dream for a while until the team announces anything otherwise.

So for the Bears and their fans it may be "wait 'til the year after next year " for any remarkable improvement instead of the usual Chicago "wait til next year" cry at the end of most pro sports seasons in this town since the Jordan Bulls days and da' days of " Da' Coach" himself..

I'd send Smith walking but then I never would have extended his first contract in the first place. Then again I don't own the Bears nor do the millions of others who pay through the teeth to see this team or any others in the league play in person even though we've seen many college teams better than  these two midwestern mopes over the years.

So don't hope for any miracles because they're not on the way after QB Jay Cutler turned out to be chopped liver instead of the "veal cutlet" we were sold on. They have no money left having wrapped it all up in those two in the picture above, Smith and Cutler.
Bears will make changes, but not the kind fans want

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :Neil Hayes: "Despite Lovie Smith repeatedly referring to the ''big'' game today between the 6-9 Bears and the 2-13 Lions, the drama won't truly begin to unfold until the team plane touches down at O'Hare on Sunday evening and the evaluation of what has gone wrong this season and how it might be fixed begins.

Changes are coming to Halas Hall. It's a certainty after a season as wretched as this. How sweeping those changes will be remains to be seen. Ownership might decide to replace general manager Jerry Angelo based on his draft-day track record alone. Smith could be gone, too, along with all his assistants, which would be a popular move among Bears fans who have lost confidence in a general manager and a coach who have presided over a team that has defined mediocrity for three consecutive seasons since appearing in Super Bowl XLI."  continued


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