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Sunday, January 24, 2010

AFC Champion Colts Dispatch Jets, Will It Be From Katrina to Miami Super Bowl For The Saints?

vNew Orleans is officially back now. From Katrina to Miami for their first ever Super Bowl as participants, not hosts. 

Quite a feat in the very place that so many used as the symbol of failure from Katrina, the Superdome.  (that just depends on who's inside of it I guess and under what circumstances) Congratulations to the team and the city.

The Vikings turned the ball over so many times I lost count, twice inside the Saint's 10 yard line so they earned the loss. However, they sure weren't done any favors by some questionable calls down the stretch some feel, including me..
Great Game.Click for NFL.com
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That's a long way for a team that used to be led by a man named "Archie Manning" and were called the "Aints" because they sucked so badly, that being the Saints looking for their very first appearance in the SuperBowl.

I mean, they suck worse than the Chicago Bears over the years, and that's a record of futility hard to top! LOL

So it's starting to look like that's going to be the Super Bowl lineup unless Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings have anything to say in the game here Sunday night, starting in just minutes from now.

I myself was pulling for the New York Jets in the first game today against Indy to return to the Super Bowl  for the first time since being led by Broadway Joe Namath back in Super Bowl III in '69, (my favorite sports hero when I was a kid growing up in New York btw) when the Jets defeated the then "Baltimore" Colts 16-7.


But today they're the "Indianapolis" Colts, and no one can seem to stop this man Peyton Manning and his team when chips are down, as they kicked the Chicago Bears' asses in Super Bowl XLI, and now after their win today they're going back after deflating the hopes of the Jets  by winning 30-17 just minutes ago here on Sunday evening January 24th.

Now again it's the NFC Championship game between the 5:30 pm Saints and Vikings game here Sunday night, and I'm against the grain by going with the Vikings for one reason, and one reason only.

Viking's quarterback, grandpa Brett Favre, playing where he won his only super bowl today, the Superdome, where the Chicago Bears also won Super Bowl 20  46-10, but they're all at home watching this &*(%(*  on tv like the rest of us,  after their dismal season.

We'll see how they (Vikings) do later.


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