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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

70 Minutes of Misery, The 2010 SOTU Address

He gives good speeches, it's just all the bold faced lies that make them ultimately forgettable and worthless, just ask Harry Reid how exciting these can be when hearing them day in and day out since they approve everything he says probably before saying it (Obama that is).

First things first which means "Me, Myself, and I" when talking about Obama, and "He" used the word "I" 96 times in this speech according to Karl Rove on Greta Van Susteren's show, which isn't too surprising, although given the length of the speech that's only one a minute, which is good for him.

Another thing that bothers me about Obama is that he still talks to America like he's on the campaign trail, which I think is mostly because he was on that longer than he's done anything else in Washington. Like his ridiculous lie calling for the use of more nuclear power plants, while his people block little things like their construction,  the dumps required and always have, which a 2 second Google search can confirm. That kind of stuff.

Everyone knows their record on obstruction of drilling for oil off any American coastal areas and landmass, even in times of need during 2 simultaneous wars LIKE NOW.  They're obstructing the state of Virginia as we speak, who is begging to lease some prime coastal water for gas and oil drilling, and the left is blocking it.

As far as all the nice, far reaching Utopian Obama platitudes, as Glenn Beck said earlier in the evening on his show in an earlier post, "it's too easy today to take their flowery words and match them up to their inaction and outright lies".

Too easy!....So easy a caveman blogger can do it.

In fact, the all time Obama classic "all healthcare debates will be televised on CSPAN" just about covers that section, which was about all I heard tonight, same old excuses, accusations and promises waiting to be broken and then blamed on others, like Bush, who he didn't name directly but sure didn't leave out.

Senator McCain brought that  up in a post speech interview I caught on Fox during Hannity's delayed show.

Most of the republicans there don't look to thrilled about what they're hearing, nor were most independents I'm sure and neither was I, most of the time.

I liked what Tea Party Express Said, particularly this part of their statement:

"We'll start to believe Barack Obama when his actions match his words. Until then, it's just more empty promises, and we've all heard far too many unfulfilled promises from the politicians in Washington.
"In our opinion, the best part of this speech was the end."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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