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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Woods's Skank Throws Fit At The Bank, While Putting Some of "Tiger's Cash" In Her Tank....(spoiled Blankety Blank..lol)

This story involves "Tiger ho number fo' " who we picked on Friday in this quite lengthy rant as she appeared on the "Today" show and was gallivanting around like she had just won the Miss America pageant by answering the gay judge right this time, when in fact she's now whoring herself out yet again, the first time being Tiger's side ho' of course and the second, now "cashing in" on it to whoever will cut her a check for her Tiger Tale.

And for some strange reason this seems to now be a practice that's acceptable to all parties minus the baby momma in this scenario, meaning the skank herself, the TV people obviously paying 20 g's or so for the tell all, which bodes terribly for the future of our so called "civilization" by turning celeb skank trapping into an acceptable vocation for women out there.

This here is an actual poll goin at the New York Post which I read daily but is really going wacko on this Tiger stuff man,

Can you believe that? This is right on the front page.....It's not dirty but sure to send kids to mommy and or daddy if they have one asking questions. Boy are they nailing him to the wall, which is alright with me since no one else was doing it until this scandal broke, all damage from his alleged drunken Ambien sex on the afternoon of Thanksgiving.

What a moron.
Jamie can't keep temper in 'check'

NYPOST.com: "Hours after talking on the 'Today' show about her affair with Tiger Woods, Jamie Jungers threw a 'hissy fit' in a Midtown bank after a manager refused to cash two checks that the blonde was trying to negotiate, an eyewitness said."

The checks "were really suspicious-looking," according to the witness. "It looked like the amounts were erased and written back in."

"[The manager] said, 'We're sorry, we're not going to do this,' and that's when this little fracas ensued," the witness said. "She had this Little Miss Hissy Fit, and said, 'This is ridiculous, I don't understand.'

"When she left, the manager said, 'I was that far away from calling the cops.' "

The manager later confirmed Jungers had been there, but declined to comment further.
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