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Sunday, December 13, 2009

When Loons Attack!!- Copenhagen police detain 968 in climate change rally

Update 7 am Sunday: Appears as if most of the liberal rabblerousers have bailed out of jail, about a 1000 loons.Danish free nearly 1,000 climate protesters (msnbc.msn.com)

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These people even protest their own climate-fest, as if they need to buggy whip all the lefties that are there in attendance dreaming up this global vehicle for shifting wealth from "rich" advanced countries to "poor" third world hellholes to make them dance to their anti American corporation one world government agenda.

As if it's our fault they still live in the stone age in many places in this advanced day and age, and like our trillions will miraculously turn that around somehow, when we know for a fact it goes right into places we can't even find or determine, yet they want more and these bleeding hearts give it to them.

"It" being "OUR" money, not "theirs", since most of these liberals in this administration we know "aren't" and never have been "regular" taxpayers. Geithner anyone? Turbo Tim tops the list so you can imagine the liberal peeons who don't pay either.

Well here's the Euro Trash version of our lunatic fringe.

This wealth shifting thing asn't worked that way once in history and never will, so someone hand these people a history book, and let em know if they come to mess with our way of life here in the USA, this little protest will be nothing compared to when we hit American streets to stop UN interference in American affairs in any way whatsoever.

"We" lead and "they" follow, that's how it goes, not the other way around. When they don't need our money to sustain that place then and only then will they even matter to most American's.

look at this blatant discrepancy by the way in the headline since it's been the left accusing the right of inflating Tea Party protester's numbers the past summer....
Hundreds detained in Copenhagen protests

Copenhagen, Denmark (CNN) -- Thousands of protesters took to the streets and hundreds were detained Saturday in Copenhagen

And they call the right dangerous and we're somehow extremists when not one single person, not a one, was arrested due to any activity during the hundreds of  Tea party gatherings and so called protests were really just well attended anti BIG government rallies and were harmless as violence goes.

ALL WERE PEACEFUL.  Seems to me we have our extremist's identified now.
BBC News - Copenhagen police detain 968 in climate change rally: "Police in Copenhagen in Denmark say nearly 1,000 protesters were detained after a huge climate change rally.

The move came after youths threw bricks and smashed windows as more than 30,000 demonstrators marched to demand action at the UN climate change summit.

A police spokesman said 'almost all' of those arrested have now been released with just a few facing charges.

Similar marches have been held in cities around the world, calling for decisive action on global warming."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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