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Friday, December 11, 2009

TV New Low Interviewing Lingerie model telling her Tiger Tale, Chapter what, 15 Now?

I caught this earlier and was saying to myself "I can't believe how low this country has sunk when a  country club barnyard full of pop culture tramps are paraded around the nation on all the am television talk shows like they either won the lottery or cured breast cancer".
Look at this loon of the hour talking about becoming "Tiger's Prey of the Day" as one of Tiger's many  "officially authenticated by TMZ ho du jour's", it's enough to make you puke as she talks about her "lust for Tigger" like she's auditioning for her own made for TV Lifetime Drama, which undoubtedly is on the way in some form or another, ya know?

How pathetic?

She's presented here like she's actually accomplished something of significant note, it's weird, like being a publicly known "celebrity ho" is now cool, and gets ya a trip on the liberal Hollywood circuit for a few laps around the track.

These people used to have the dignity to lay in the weeds when scandals like this broke in the not so old days, like the only thing really comparable is Steve Garvey, and he seems gay compared to Tigers' now known figurative mauling's...these women are forming a literal parade down Madison Avenue and then Wall Street on the way out.

I bet Daddy is proud though huh?  Probably trying to figure a way to hire her out to his geriatric, Viagra addicted buddies to embellish the old shrinking Social Security check thanks to Woods's buddy in the white house
Lingerie model tells of first Tiger meeting | The Sun |News"STUNNING lingerie model Jamie Jungers has revealed how Tiger Woods picked her up in a nightclub before they had a wild night of passion.
The golf superstar and blonde Jaimee went back to a Las Vegas hotel in the Wood's limo where they downed drinks with his friends, she claimed.

And when they got back to Tiger's plush apartment at the MGM casino, the lovecheat scored another birdie with her, said Jaimee in fresh revelations today."   read more


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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