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Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Reality Freakshow News : Dumb Assed Queens teacher punching 'Jersey Shore' star Snooki on tape says he's sorry

Queens teacher caught punching 'Jersey Shore' star Snooki on tape says he's sorry 

NYPOST.com: "The Queens gym teacher who threw the punch seen round the world -- an MTV reality-show right cross that KO'd a young woman -- told The Post yesterday he was so knocked out on booze that he has no memory of his loutish conduct.

The educator said that after the beatdown, but before he was re moved from his school and placed in a 'rubber room' for suspended teachers, he used his own bad behavior as a lesson to his students -- to warn them what can happen with alco hol. Brad Ferro, 24, said the first time he saw himself slug 'Jersey Shore' cast member Nic ole 'Snooki' Po lizzi, 21, in a Jer sey Shore bar was when a prosecutor played him the video."  continued

This guy should have his tail kicked from six ways to Sunday for this, and..
if she was related to me, he'd be be taking a long dirt nap today.

I would say too little too late on that one buddy, what took you a week to come up with this lame excuse ? What a lowlife.

I ignored this "Jersey Shore" joke of a show until now,  the story about this lout that layed a full roundhouse punch into the face of this poor woman (pic low left, vid below) who by the way actually appeared on Jay Leno last night if you can believe it, in his "Battle of Celebrity Imbeciles" segment of idiots along with 2 others from that dumb show.

She didn't do herself any favors with this, although she is fun to laugh at.

And frankly. and after hearing and seeing her for a couple minutes, I'd take her back to have checked again for brain damage,  unless she's always that goofy.

Anyhow, as for this guy (because he can't be called a "man") ....a year of grabbing his ankles at the Chicago Cook County Jail would straighten him out I'm sure, although he's already looking to avoid the Jersey version by using the old "celebrity and wannabe's PR handbook" excuse number one .....

"I was too hammered to know what I was doing"

coupled with a lame apology today, trying to make sure he's not working for this woman for the rest of his life paying her legal and medical bills, which he should do without even being asked.

Lemme tell you something about people who claim that lame excuse, they're lying their asses off. I'm a recovering everything, and I've never been so trashed in 40 years I didn't remember what I did, the night before, never.  However,  there were a number of times I wanted to forget, yet be "damn certain" none ever included doing that to a freaking woman.


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