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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Huffington Post and Readers Cheer Trillion Dollar Deficits In Headline

They celebrate deficits on the same day Obama claims the country will go bankrupt if this ObamaCare Scamorama isn't passed...that's featured in this post below this one by the way.

What a bunch of mindless morons.


These people are Treasury Thieves and should all be featured on Wanted Posters.

Perhaps if they feel this way about spending the money of others, (which in unconstitutional for starters) they can stop aborting 50 million of their out of wedlock and inbred children, and start paying their gosh damn taxes like the rest of us out here. Then THOSE LITTLE LIBERAL MONGRELS can pay for all this lazy assed, nanny state shit they just allocated 154 billion dollars to last night,  while still on their "drunken whore" spending spree.

Extending unemployment AGAIN? What's that now, 4 times? Why get a job when they know they have these dipwads running the country? Either welfare or unemployment, to most workers,  that's two government supplied reasons NOT to get a job.

We just spent a trillion dollars on a so called "stimulus package" that created about 2000 piddly jobs across the country, and 1000 of them were bl*w jobs for Tiger Woods we've now discovered, so what the hell do we need a jobs program for? Put the people on welfare to work figuring out how to get jobs on their own, instead of us subsidizing more government growth.

In the first place,  no one out there is hiring because no one's gonna start a business in this freaked out ObamaLoon climate, except for the opening crack houses, whore houses and weed dispensaries, not to mention Obama Bumper Sticker removal.

Those are the only jobs this government is capable of stimulating..

Oh wait, I do hear that green category industry is really picking up with "ObamaGear Removal"  franchises popping up everywhere, and what better way to green the planet than removing all the gosh damn Obama paraphernalia and propaganda all over the freaking world now.

That story by the way has 4000 plus freaking comments on it already.. There's some people working hard at the office this morning..my ass they are.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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