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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bears Throw A Little Monkey Wrench In The Brett Favre Story, 2010 Viking Version


Not to mention throwing off the playoff picture sending the NFC now through New Orleans or bust.

Now I finally figured out what was wrong with this team all year, that seems to be, whenever I don't write about them before the game they win. Simple as I usually follow the games on Sunday and when I have this year, they lost most times.

And tonight, in what most expected to be a Viking blowout, it was great to see the Bears take them into overtime, that is after blowing a 16-0 halftime lead in true Bears fashion, and then coming up with the win at home in front 50,00 mostly hammered Bears fans.

 chicago tribune photo..(more)

But first their normally perfect field goal kicker Robbie "Good as" Gould (I know, it's GOULD as in Elliot, but that's what we call him) missed game winning field goal on the 1st ot possession, with the Bears defense stepping back out after that, finally stopping Favre at the most opportune moment after being virtually smoked by him the entire second half of the game.

The often bumbling '09 Bears then took the field for their second possession in "OT" after a "brutally inopportune" Vikings fumble, and on the first play, Bears flop QB Jay Cutler took it 50 yards for the game winning td in one shot to wide receiver Devan Aromashadu (thats Ah- Ro Mah-Sha_doo)to win the almost 4 hour game.

Great game!

That is, unless you're a Vikings fan or all out Favre freak like Greta van Susteren from Fox news is. Also not bad for a team that sucked all year and missed the freaking playoffs, costing me $500 at the beginning of the season that would have blossomed into a nice $15,000 payday if they miraculously won the Super Bowl.

If I put $75 on tonight's game I could have recovered my $500   :(  DAMN!  lol

Well, win some lose some. Lose more when a Chicago Bears fan, but not tonight.

 I'd still fire that guy, Coach Lovie Smith, but that's another rant another day on that one. The links below were from the past week as you can see some people feel the same way I do, you just don't go from the Super Bowl, even a loss, to below 500 ball and expect to keep your job.

Only in Chicago.


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