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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sammy Sosa's new skin tone evokes a shade of cynicism -"Cracker In A Can"

How weird can this Sammy Sosa get,?  It's just too bad the late and great Michael Jackson is no longer with us to make some badly needed money on this face whitening deal.... while Jackson had Lupus and Vitiglio (which was confirmed after his death even though he always claimed the latter but no one believed him) which contributed to his skin discoloration which was likely exacerbated by his attempts to hide it ......

HE was PROBABLY the first one to try this new European whitening cream Sammy "Bleachman" Sosa is apparently getting ready to endorse according to the John Kass piece attached below..

Many of course have been wondering WTF was really going on when "Steroid Sammy" himself, another baseball has-been cheater showed up in the news looking like "Casper the Dominican Ghost" the other day.....

Voila...... instant "Cracker in a can"...Arrriba!!!

As opposed to the old familiar Sammy Sosa we were all accustomed to seeing
cheating in ballparks across the nation and here in Wrigley field for years.

This one....The Black Dominican "Baseball Been Berry Berry Good to me "  Sosa....

As I said, Tribune great John Kass has a good one on this story today....
chicagotribune.com: "So what's with all the creepy heads in baseball? It sure looks like a trend.

Awhile back, there was Barry Bonds' great puffy head, a veritable casaba melon of ferocity that seemed to have a life independent of his body. When the reportedly juiced-up Bonds was hitting his home runs, his head had its own ZIP code. There was enough meat on his cheekbones to feed a starving village. Man, that thing was huge.

And just a month ago, the severed head of unjuiced baseball great Ted Williams made big news.

Williams' head was cryogenically frozen and stuck to a can of Bumble Bee tuna, until some Arizona lab tech tried to knock off the can with a monkey wrench and missed, thwacking the skull and sending frozen flecks of Ted all over the lab.

Now there's a new baseball head making great controversy:

The Sammy Sosa White Head experience.

If you're a baseball fan from Chicago, or anywhere else, you know that the noggin of former Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa was once black. Yet now his cranium is almost white and pasty.

The new white-headed Sammy has treated himself with some sort of mysterious European skin bleaching cream that he's now reportedly ready to endorse."  continued


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