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Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Our alcoholic father beat me", says Barack Obama's half brother, Mark (Another Episode of The Obama Bunch)

 And that's the guy Obama had "Dreams of" enough to write a book about (well at least his mentor terrorist William Ayers wrote for him)  Well now we're introduced to yet another swell member of the 7 continent wide Obama family tree that has more branches than than America has Currency Exchanges for the Illegals.

At least this guy being  reported on this morning in the British press (since we know the US press isn't interested in any Obama facts) isn't homeless or living in the projects of Boston , like Obama's Aunt and other half or whatever brother he is,George, the one that the MSM tried to ignore as much as possible during the election...

You remember, the poor guy above here who lived on $1 a month, while his so called "brother" was swimming in millions of dollars donated from poor people's welfare checks all across the country not to mention hundreds of millions from Muslim countries illegally during the election that the Feds haven't had time to sort through yet,  before Obama fires them all for something or another as it's been reported they're doing ?

Well now comes this new guy, and I must say after following and writing about Obama way before the presidential election came along this is nearly the first I've ever heard or seen of this guy ,(although there was chatter about him since he lives in Communist China) and from the looks of it it won't be the last, at least until he can cash in on this "Messiah" thing somehow or another before it all burns out as reality sets in for most, as this picture of him seems to exude to me at least....looks a little on the shady side to me sorry....

Anyone who "dresses up" for your first worldwide exposure like this below in a Hanes T Shirt leaves little to be desired in my book..in fact thing covering his bald head that looks like he ripped from the drapes in the Hotel Suite while watching a  Bruce Lee movie or Karate Kid is nicer than the clothes he has on...

WTF, ya know?

Were the president of the US your brother, wouldn't you wanna put some half decent clothes on so as to not embarrass him (obama) even though at this point in time that's awfully hard to do? One would hope so but would be disappointed, since this man perhaps may not even have the money for nice clothes like the rest of Obama's brood.. Huseein Obama doesn't seem to be a big proponent of "spreading the wealth" within his own family now, does he?

The biggest joke of all is that he want's us middle class Americans  to support all the world's poor people  including our own (who btw are the world's wealthiest and fattest poor people ever known to western civilization)  yet he, as we now know for a fact,  hasn't even supported not a one single poor relative of his  own blood AROUND THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD ON SEVEN different  CONTINENTS


I guess at the church of Rev Wrong the words "charity starts at home" are missing from their sermons and bibles.
Prov. You should take care of family and people close to you before you worry about helping others.

Telegraph: "The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen is a world away from Washington DC.

The booming border town and the staid American capital are both home to members of the Obama family. That, though, is where the similarities end, because while Barack Obama resides in the splendour of the White House and is perhaps the most recognisable person on the planet, his younger half-brother Mark lives anonymously in a rented two-bedroom flat in Shenzhen's suburbs."   continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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