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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ill. prison eyed for Guantanamo inmates - This is "So much better" than Club Gitmo (not)

 This from my congressman Mark Kirk over the weekend...

Stop Al Qaeda Terrorists from Coming to Illinois

Sign the Petition: www.NoTerroristsinIllinois.com

So all you Illinois dems who supported Obama, his gift to you and we innocent and informed voters who were able to wade our way through his neck deep bullshit last November is 300 terrorists in our backyards down in southern Illinois.... How do you like them apples?

Why not move them to the Metro Correctional center in the city since they're the people that voted for this guy, as I can guarantee the people of Thompsonville down south sure the hell didn't put this guy in office, the people on the mostly west and south sides of the city proper did.... so they should house these Muslim Jihadder killers.

High time Blue state people pay the price for electing this guy instead of him making conservative towns and cities suffer for Blue state ObamaMoron-Itis, they're the ones that put him in office, let them suffer first for the mistake so perhaps they'll wake up and realize the mistake they made./

The new home of Obama's distant relatives  from Club Gitmo? If he has his way it will be..

This makes absolutely no sense at all,  that somehow these terrorists at Club Gitmo are going to have it SO much better in some Illinois prison that's practically boarded up in southwestern Illinois than they do at a place that was practically handmade for them and is more like Romper Room for Killer Muslims than a prison

Furthermore, anyone who thinks they'll be better off in a "To be newly converted Supermax US prison' (translation billions)  has their head so far up their ass... they must walk around like this every day.

 And the good non Muslim "Good" Lord knows  there's plenty of em......

So how does the entirely broke Obama administration plan to get the money to rebuild this Illinois shi*hole for societal scum?

Borrow it I guess from the next two generations of molded American Socialist Union citizens apparently  (or should they be called nothing but workers?) because we sure don't have the money to build this scum their own comfy little Midwestern prison from the guts of an already completed facility that's practically empty, when they were being held a perfectly well run facility in what amounts to a freakin' Caribbean resort for the most part, particularly when compared to the Afghanistan caves and  Iraqi mudhuts these terrorists are more accustomed to inhabiting.

So the idea is to turn the Thompsonville prison into a Supermax while we already have an Al Queda killer at Marion, which is the country's most famous Supermax prison next to one in Colorado Springs who's name escapes me at this moment.....So why not send these killers there if anywhere? (Again Marion or CO)

If it's good enough for killer Americans like the late John Gotti and scumbag former dictator Manuel Noriega, it's good enough for these turban wrapped, sand chafed, camel humping terror loving shitheads.
Security- msnbc.com: "CHICAGO - The Obama administration may buy a near-empty prison in rural northwestern Illinois to house detainees from Guantanamo Bay along with federal inmates, a White House official said Saturday.

The maximum-security Thomson Correctional Facility, about 150 miles west of Chicago, was one of several evaluated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and emerged as a leading option to house the detainees, the official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because a decision has not been made.

President Barack Obama wants detainees from the controversial military-run detention center in Cuba to be transferred to U.S. soil so they can be prosecuted for their suspected crimes." continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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