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Saturday, November 21, 2009

CNN Tries To Build On This False "Obama Is Being Opposed so Vehemently Only Because of His Race" Bullshit

Check this out.......

"Is racism a factor in the criticism of President Obama? 
Tony Harris moderates a hot debate with college students."

They just can't believe I guess in the MSM and in the freaky world of uber liberalism, that people who fight this 44th president's agenda so fervently as I and millions and perhaps billions around the globe do daily isn't racism, but instead are people LIKE ME who are simply revolted at the thoughts of the following occurring in this, our country,  among hundreds of other reasons just TOO lengthy to enumerate here now...

So we'll focus on these three......

(A)Revolted at the thought of "all our America" no matter what frickin' color you are turning into a third world Nanny State, bankrupt and devoid of morality and treasure, instead preferring the easier charge of "racism" that frankly I'm sick and tired of.hearing after living through the 60's and earlier when "real "can't drink out of same water fountain"- like racism existed for the elders of today's so severely "oppressed" people, at least in their minds if not many of those same elders.  People like Bill Cosby, countless pro and collegiate athletes, scores and scores of Hollywood stars and politicians everywhere we look today

We're all so racist in America today.....my skinny "Italian American ass" we are..

or perhaps that..

(B)  the man is half white and more Arab than African American in the first place, born of an entirely Caucasian mother and Muslim father in sperm only, which leaves him just a teensy bit short on the African part, mostly for anyone who's simply blind to the reality of that situation ..which concluding actually makes him more Caucasian than anything FOLKS. He never even lived in a predominatly black neighborhood, even now, living in one of Chicago's most exclusive neighborhoods..

We didn't make him move there now did we?.

And, let us not forget

(C) Barack HUSSEIN Obama JR has only played up his "blackness" since his inauguration, prior to which he never visited one solitary black, inner city neighborhood during the election, not even here in Chicago, nor one predominantly black country or continent, including during which time he avoided and ignored his entirely Muslim upbringing, one that took place in one the most populous Muslim lands and in fact islands on the planet earth.

Until of course after he became elected and more interested in bowing down the to the world from pole to pole than being proud and celebratory of America's special place and American "exceptionalism"on  this earth and in Gods plan for it and us...all of us regardless of color.

Facts that are not only simple to know and compile, but far too easily and conveniently escape the media and the ObaMorons out there who cannot stand seeing the president ridiculed while the same people had NO PROBLEM hating George Bush for honkiness and had no problem saying it...

Ya know, like Reverend Wright perhaps, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, some of the worst racists in America those men are..

People who just won't accept that he simply sucks as an executive, not because of his limited "blackness" but because of his outright inexperience running anything closely resembling a real business with a real payroll, something even I by the way have done 3 times in my short 45 years on this earth....and I'm freaking disabled.........not to mention HIS outright racism and stupidity we cannot tolerate most of all, when they can all just blame it entirely on "our"racism.

Which also ignores the fact that so called racist "whitey" and their "non racist" attitudes were the main reasons he even got elected in the first place!! Take their votes away and Obama's still in rehab after losing the election to a far more deserving, 50 year public servant who just happened to  be a beloved and also disliked BY THEM war hero and Caucasian...

Then the whole country would be called racists instead of just conservatives sick of the Nanny state shit after only 8 lousy months that has already tripled the national debt looking towards a 13 trillion dollar shortfall just this year alone which could and will reach 23 trillion in a decade......

Fkng Morons...that's why we oppose him, not because he's half white, or is it half black, which part are we racist about again, the white part or the black part....

Oh ok.....


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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