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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Abortion law: Court blocks Illinois' parental notification law just enacted this week!

I wrote with glee the other day about this notification law taking effect finally this week and this morning news comes that the anti American organization known as the ACLU steps up to the plate and is awarded a temporary restraining order by no doubt some sympathetic liberal Crook County judge ready to legislate this one from the bench to circumvent the voters.

Sick of those judges are we enough after seeing all the social damage a few of these rogue liberal dem judges can do and in this case we have one who thinks he's GOD I guess, deciding children of mostly liberals should be able to murder their own fetuses just like the mostly liberal adults do at their leisure. 55 million worth to date and now rising again in Illinois at least temporarily..

Unbelievably this law has been on the books since 1995 and not enforced apparently since they just had to get a restraining order to stop its newfound enforcement if I'm correct on this.

The report here covers it I believe...


chicagotribune.com: "In a dramatic turn of events, a Cook County Circuit Court judge halted Illinois' parental notification law on abortion just hours after a state agency gave it the all-clear.

Judge Daniel Riley granted a temporary restraining order sought by the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois in the late afternoon, hours after Illinois' medical disciplinary board decided the state could begin enforcing the law. It requires physicians to notify parents or guardians when those 17 or younger seek abortions.

The restraining order was based on an October lawsuit filed by a Chicago physician and a Granite City women's medical clinic who believe the 1995 law is unconstitutional and would harm minors by preventing them from obtaining safe abortions or force them to carry their pregnancies to term.

'We are delighted,' said Lorie Chaiten, an attorney and director of reproductive rights for the ACLU of Illinois. 'Young women in this state would be abused, kicked out of their homes' when their parents learn of their planned abortion.

Abortion opponents vowed to fight on. 'I expected it,' said Joseph Scheidler, national director of the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, referring to the restraining order. 'It's just more time. What's another week or two?'

The next hearing before Riley is set for Nov. 19."  continued here
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